Is it hard to buy a good heart? You look at these 5 famous watches of more than 10 million, whether they are good or not

Million-dollar watches abound in the world, but more than 10 million are rare.

What can 10 million do?

It is possible to buy several luxury cars; Buy a winery in Bordeaux, France; You can buy a suite in Beishang Guangshen…

For many people, $10 million is an amount they can’t earn in a lifetime. But in the watch world, 10 million is just a measure of the value of a watch.

A 10 million watch is no longer simply a tool for looking at time. It is a “

An emotional cohesion

Beyond money.

Most of the people who can afford to buy it are for play, there are not many toys for men, watches as men’s only jewelry, since they really want to play, it is real.

Men who are looking for new toys can consider these 5 watches of 10 million people~




On November 7, 2009, the launch ceremony of the Franck Muller ultra-complex watch Aeternitas series Mega 4 was held at the Hotel de Paris Monte Carlo, one of the most beautiful hotels in the world.

¥ 20,640,000

Witnessed by more than 400 guests on site, Franck Muller delivered the finished Mega 4 to bespoke guests. It consists of 1483 parts with 36 functions, of which 25 can be seen from the surface and the rest are on the bottom cover.


Super Complication Timepiece Series 5002P Platinum watch

¥ 17,600,000

Patek Philippe’s first double-sided watch. Only two are made a year, and if you want to buy them, you have to wait in line.

The movement contains 686 parts that make up the 12 most important complications of the watch: tourbillon, perpetual calendar, lunar calendar, leap cycle, day of the week, month, date, flyback, minute repeater, firmament chart, moon phase and lunar trajectory.


Loft Craftsman 6620C/000R-B656 watch

¥ 17,300,000

This product is called “

Ode to Joy

“The Les Cabinotiers is an intricate astronomical time striking watch with minute repeaters.

Precious metal + large surface diameter + super complex

The blue Mississippi alligator leather strap is powered by the ultra-thin 1731 M820 calibre with 19 complications, including a minute repeater wheel train structure, and three independent wheel trains that drive standard, solar and sidereal time displays.

With a unique double-sided dial, the level of sophistication and precision can only be described as unparalleled.


Hybris Mechanica watch

¥ 15,330,000

The Jaeger-LeCoultre calibre 182 has 1,300 components.

Combine 26 complications, including a retrograde perpetual calendar, a flying tourbillon, and a watch bell like the melodious bell of Westminster Abbey.

It was first unveiled at the 2014 Geneva Watch Fair and caught the attention of collectors. Like it, no stock~


Big Bang “Big Bang” watch


Diamonds have always been associated with women, but this Hublot has managed to attract the eye of a man, and Hublot “

The Big Bang

The Big Bang watch, the world’s most diamond-set watch, sells for $30.66 million!

There are 1,282 diamonds from all over the world, and it takes a lot of time to find them, and diamonds alone are worth at least 10 million.

Of course, some watches are not available with money, and the quantity is limited, so you have to wait. Someone sells you to get money to smash your hand~ But a limited and heavy watch like this must not be bought at the original price marked in the text!

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