Hong-collar workstation in Zhenjiang Village, Haikou Town: Strengthen the guidance of party building and help rural revitalization

The red-collar workstation in Zhenjiang Village, Haikou Town, gives full play to the leading role of party building, takes the implementation of key tasks of grassroots party building as the starting point, and insists on organically combining the construction of grassroots party organizations with key work such as industrial revitalization, improvement of human settlements, and joint construction of villages and enterprises, so as to achieve the same frequency resonance and win-win interaction between party building work and the development of various grassroots undertakings.

Party building leads and enhances the “soft power” of rural revitalization. Adhere to “party building + governance”, give full play to the role of red-collar workstations, and give full play to the demonstration of “key minorities” such as party members and cadres and moral models, so that excellent rural customs and family customs can take root in rural areas. On the other hand, it refines cultural themes, highlights its own highlights, introduces and actively publicizes village rules and people’s agreements, continuously strengthens the construction of rural public culture, and achieves full coverage of village-level public cultural services.

The party and the masses work together to unite the “new force” of rural revitalization. By including villagers’ representatives and enterprise leaders in the red-collar workstation, a board of directors is established, young volunteers are organized to participate in management, and the “red engine” of grassroots party organizations and the demonstration and leading role of villagers’ councils and non-functional party members are given full play to form a good atmosphere for the whole people to participate and grasp and manage together.

Go deep into the grassroots to send warmth to the masses and do practical things. The Zhenjiang Village Red-collar Workstation adheres to the goal orientation and highlights the implementation of key livelihood projects. In the recent medical insurance payment work, I learned that many elderly people in the village were old and their children were not around, and they could not operate mobile phones to pay bills, so we organized members of the two village committees to carry out door-to-door payment services. At the same time, through the posting of publicity boards, the distribution of leaflets to households, the sending of language information in WeChat groups, etc., villagers were informed in detail of the time and operation method of medical insurance, and publicized the residents’ medical insurance policies from all angles and from all angles.

Revitalize resources and build a “new business format” for rural revitalization. The Zhenjiang Village Red Collar Workstation actively broadens the new path of collective economic development of the Innovation Village, explores and implements the “three-chain enrichment of the people” model in which branches are built in the industrial chain, party members gather in the industrial chain, and the masses are rich in the industrial chain, and organizes members of the Zhenjiang Village Red Collar Workstation to visit the Four Seasons Agricultural Plantation, the Laojuwang Township Government Office Building, Mengya Garment Co., Ltd. and other places to analyze the current problems and difficulties and study the next steps.

Next, the red-collar workstation in Zhenjiang Village, Haikou Town, will continue to take party building as the guide, encourage and guide villagers to participate, focus on village-level collective economic development and village-level organization construction as the starting point, continuously improve the rural governance system, and further stimulate the momentum of rural revitalization.

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