High strength chain connection buckle, the importance of chain ring, key accessories of scraper conveyor

Scraper conveyor is mainly used for coal mine thin coal seam or very thin coal seam, medium or thick coal seam and gently inclined coal seam gunning, general mining, high-grade general mining, comprehensive mining comprehensive discharge and other working faces to transport coal, can also be used for tunneling roadway transportation and trough transportation, supporting shearer, scraper conveyor middle trough is also the walking track of the shearer.

The scraper conveyor is a conveyor that is pulled by the scraper chain and transports bulk materials in the trough. Scraper conveyor is also known as: slipper; Electric Roller; Scraper conveyor is widely used in metallurgy, coal mine, mine, building materials, electric power, chemical industry, cement, port, wharf, coal washing plant and other industries, is an important means of transportation for conveying materials. It consists of a middle groove, a chain, a scraper and a traction system.

It is suitable for coal mining face under different conditions, and can be used with various types of shearers and hydraulic supports to complete the comprehensive mechanization of coal falling, loading, coal transportation, pushing and moving frames at the working face.

Among them, the important component of scraper chain traction is the splicing link, most of the splicing chain is composed of two half rings, the material of the splicing link is high-structure alloy steel, this material can withstand both high-strength tensile force, but also high hardness performance, in the scraper chain operation, connect two circular chain or compact chain, is an indispensable component.

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