Weekend hand: Cai Wei private curry banquet

If you don’t have a kitchen, it is difficult to do it, it is the simplest, but the simplest, as long as there is two or three times, you must do it well.

Curry has a few basic steps, that is, first go, put the chopped out of the ocean. Other vegetables, but curry, but can’t use vegetable oil, corn oil, olive oil. Winning.

Onions one or two three, the amount of curry is set, the sweetness of the curry is very onion. Outside the famous curry shop in Hong Kong, a large bag of onions is common, and the amount of available is very much.

Do not be too broken, first cut the onion head, open half, put the flat one face down, no more straight or cross, do not have to be too thin, the length of the nails is divided into three pieces.

Burning the hot, lower oil, see the oil, let the ocean, stir fry until golden, and the fragrance can add curry powder or curry sauce.

In Hong Kong’s spices or grocery stores, they are generally sold in Indian curry powder. If you use the same powder, you can’t do ten curves.

Basically, there are only a few kinds of raw materials, you want fresh sweet flavors, use small cardamom, cinnamon, lilac and ginger; concentrated can choose turmeric and 芫荽 seed. The “India” we think is that it doesn’t produce.

Add Indian curry powder to the onion, then fry the chicken and mix well, finally inject water, boil half an hour, the first curry chicken can be on the table.

The second way is a small food, with a broken meat instead of chickens, and the curry powder is concentrated. After stirring, use a thin stuffed bag, and then blow it, it is the curry spring roll.

Curry beef is cooked in Nanyang. The so-called Nanyang Curry, including Malaysia and Indonesia, the main raw materials and Indian curry, but removed cumin, not to clean water, with coconut milk. Beef can not cook soft and cut into the curry and then add the curry. This is the method of the Hong Kong Curry Restaurant. Beef must have a piece of curry juice to a soft cooked; with a coconut milk, it is more savvy than the Indian curry, this is the third.

The fourth curry shrimp, burn it with Thai mode. Thai curry is very spicy, down is to refer to the broth, I put it on the side, let the more you eat heave himself. Thai Curry In order to neutralize the spicy flavor, there are more sugar, with a lot of lemon, Gao Liang Jiang and orange leaves, the flavor of the burn is very different from India or Nanyang curry.

The fifth is the curry fish. The most difficult, use boiling water, go to the smell, then put it in the big soup pot with curry powder, simultaneously call the lady’s fingers, let it suck the curry juice into the seed, bitten Caviar is averaged.

I have to be fried curry crab, but I feel too ordinary, I remembered a crab vegetable that I have eaten in Goa, the sea of ​​India, instantly painted the gourd. That is to steam the crab and remove the meat. In the other side, take away the cumin, only turmeric, cinnamon and 芫荽 seed, then add saffron saffron, crab meat is boiled, stir into a big group, use the spoon to eat, the taste is right and a few dishes Like, it doesn’t work. This is the sixth dish.

The volume of the seventh dish can not be too much, or the meat is not a meat, just use the gardi, the Cantonese called the broccoli, put a few pieces of curry leaves, Dangui leaves and fragrant allspice go to smear.

At this time, you can come to the rice, stir-fried the ocean with turmeric, cumin, cardamom and clove; then wash the Indian wild rice, pour it into the oil pan and add salt to stir, and then add water. , Cover the lid, cook a fifteen minutes, and finally the next few raisins. Curry rice is eighth.

The ninth dish, fed the powder with lobster. Homemade sauce. The dish is like a yellow sauce of Yellow, which is completely independent of mustard. It is mixed with the most common mayonnaise Mayonnaise mixed curry.


The last dish is a curry dessert! Simple practice, this dish can spend a few hours of hard work, is done in advance, smashing the green bean pods of the little cardamom, plus half of the milk, boil, boil, to be cooled. Take egg yolk into, stir well, heat it, make it thickened. At this time, you can add the waist and fruit, fennel powder, laurel powder, add honey, frozen for two hours, stir again, put it into a frozen, and become a curry jelly.

Do this ten dishes, share with friends. I am smiling while smiling, a little curry can’t swallow, light, drunk, wake up, the whole body curry flavor.

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