Tan Songyun “pink” outfit, pink strappy V-neck long skirt, sweet temperament highlights the girly feeling

In recent years, Tan Songyun has participated in many film and television works that are also very popular, such as the previous TV series “In the Name of the Family” as “Li Jianjian”, with a sweet and lovely appearance and natural acting skills, so that more audiences are familiar with her, such as the TV series “Under the Brocade” as “Yuan Jinxia”, the movie “The Most Beautiful Time to Meet You” and other works are excellent, so they have gained a large number of fans. In addition to being excellent in the professional field, Tan Songyun’s outfit is worth learning and appreciating from girls, let’s take a look at her outfit!

LOOK1: Pink strappy V-neck long dress

Tan Songyun’s pink long dress overall style is biased towards sweet fan, plus this skirt is cut from silk fabric, unique dreamy romantic atmosphere, and the design of the predecessor’s cross straps and low V collar, the pink straps continue to fall straight down the back, very ethereal and flowing, the pink element of the dress is sexy and sweet, but also easily shows her good-looking and thin neck and shoulder curves, looks gentle and bright, the pink dress waist is made of small buttons to make the waist design, with a tilting down swaying skirt full of drape.

This pink dress shows off the skin tone and makes the whole person dreamy. The unique off-the-shoulder design shows the line of the shoulder and neck collarbone, just echoing the diamond accessories, exuding a gentle and elegant temperament, plus a very light gauze skirt, with the breeze brought by her walking, the skirt flutters more elegant and romantic taste, looks beautiful, the hairstyle is French low ponytail coiled hair, echoing the clear clean makeup on the face. Under the blessing of the pink dress, it has the effect of brightening the skin tone, reducing the sense of age, highlighting the temperament of a sweet girl.

LOOK2: Pink bandeau cake long dress

The design of Tan Songyun’s dress adds to her girlishness. This layered cake skirt, looks sweet and playful but not bloated, the design of the cake skirt collides with the high waist line, the flower embroidery embroidered gauze skirt, hazy reveals a sweet atmosphere, the effect of reducing age is full, the upper part of the bandeau easily shows off her exquisite body curves, looks really beautiful, the makeup on her face is very delicate and beautiful, the eye shadow is also in pink tones, sequins and pink flowers are pasted at the corners of the eyes, echoing the dress, like a flower fairy under the ordinary.

LOOK3: Short pink suit suit

Although Tan Songyun’s pink suit is a suit version clothing, but the design is a more fashionable casual style, is a short design, pulls up the overall height ratio, the body retains the suit characteristics of the tie accessories lapel design, creativity and sense of design, such a design is simply the spark of the collision of the fashion industry, the lower body is short trousers, highlighting her slender leg line, white high heels under the feet, a large wave of curly hair and a touch of red lips blessing, enhance the elegance of the entire styling.


Tan Songyun’s white shirt dress is designed a bit like a doll shape, the upper body is a simple and close-fitting cut, and the high waist line comes with it to set off the slender waist; slightly wrinkled sleeves, up to half an arm’s length, can effectively cover worship meat and unicorn arms; The sleeves are bow ties to reduce age, a slightly A skirt, just showing the length of the ankle skirt, and with the same color of high heels, it looks tall and thin and covers the flesh, it can be said that it kills three birds with one stone, with curly hair and delicate makeup, clean and girly.

LOOK5: White embroidered shirt

Tan Songyun white shirt with gray patchwork skirt, intellectual and girly, white shirt is a round neck design, very good to modify the neck and face lines, set off small facial features, the embroidery pattern design on the body is very elegant. The gray skirt of the lower body is a patchwork style, the cut is very unique, the front is made of gray as the base color, the top is designed with buttons, yellow stitching, blue and white elements, the back is white fabric and lace edge splicing, forming an irregular design sense, stepping on a white high heel, enhance the whole Look with fashion.

LOOK6: Black polka-dot dress

Tan Songyun’s black polka-dot dress is sweet and cool. The deep V-neckline not only increases the skin exposure of the upper body, but also modifies the face shape a lot, the black dress adds polka dots to be super sexy, the long-sleeved design is very suitable for early autumn wear, the shoulder pad design creates right-angled shoulders in minutes, the aura is instantly two meters eight, the waist shape highlights the slender waist, the short dress just reveals the fair and slender leg line, the hem that slightly covers the hips outlines the perfect leg line, and with a pair of glossy black Martin boots, it is full of cool and sassy.

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