Is Qiao Xin going to the Northeast? Wearing a caramel-colored plush hat, sweatshirt with jeans is handsome

Guan Guan Qiaoxin celebrated his birthday, the little monkey Yang Zi naturally sent his blessings at the first time, Yang Zi left a message on Weibo, “May you put fragile and sensitive tears in the play Life will always be a happy girl ~ There is still a long way to go… But I will always be with you, and we will walk hand in hand.” And Qiao Xin’s own copywriting has a different feeling, Qiao Xin first sighed, and then felt and lyrical, Qiao Xin posted: “The lively, ups and downs of the 25-year-old tragicomedy of life has come to an end.” I still make a wish, because the moment I sincerely make a wish and believe that it will come true, I am already halfway there. The world is changing rapidly, and only this moment is true. The loveliest thing in the universe?, please believe in the future! ”

This time, a group of Qiao Xin’s airport private clothes were exposed on the Internet, and after netizens saw it, they couldn’t help but ask: Is Qiao Xin going to the northeast? Wear a caramel-colored plush hat and sweatshirt jeans for a handsome personality! Qiao Xin’s outfit is quite appropriate, but the hat gives people a warm feeling. Qiao Xin wears a black sweatshirt on the upper body, jeans on the lower body, and inserts the sweatshirt half into the pants, concave the trendy dressing style, very fashionable tone, stepping on casual shoes, walking out of the airport show.

Let’s enjoy Qiao Xin’s previous various outfit styles!

1. Patchwork knitted skirt with pigtails: fresh and playful

Qiao Xin was wearing a patchwork knitted dress with exquisite flower decorations to bring a fresh sense of vision, Qiao Xin combed a few small braids, but showed its playful and cute side, sitting in the corner of the wall concave shape, revealing long beautiful legs, extremely eye-catching.

2. Shirt with suit skirt: beautiful legs, intellectual

Qiao Xin wears a black shirt, a white tie, and a white suit skirt on the outside, and the black belt bunches its small waist, showing intellectual beauty, and a pair of beautiful legs are shown without hesitation, straight and thin, enviably beautiful.

3. Shirt suit with high heels: aura foot, contrast

Qiao Xin wears a white shirt, a tie is very casually tied under the neck, and a suit suit is worn outside, forming a classic black and white contrast, super aura, stepping on high heels, raising the posture, and it is even more domineering side leakage.

4. Shirt with tweed skirt: sweet, girly

Qiao Xin wears a white shirt underneath, a tweed dress on the outside, and the bow decoration under the collar brings a sweet girly style, the slim fit outlines Qiao Xin’s slim figure, and the fringed lace at the edge of the skirt presents a perfect sense of new vitality.

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