Beijing Winter Olympics licensed products are new, and the “Made in ANTA” national flag series is on the shelves for the first time

Reporter | Shi Yiying

On the evening of July 27, 2020, on the North Bund, Shanghai, the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics Organizing Committee and Anta, a Chinese sports brand headquartered in Xiamen, Fujian Province, jointly released the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics licensed commodity national flag sportswear.

As an official partner of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games, ANTA can use the licensed trademark of the Beijing Winter Olympic Organizing Committee until the end of February 2022.

In the past, sports shoes and clothing with national flags could only be worn by national team athletes and coaches, and the most concerned were naturally Olympic appearance uniforms and medal uniforms. Since reaching cooperation with the Chinese Olympic Committee in 2009, ANTA has provided the Chinese delegation with medal uniforms for five Olympic Games (including the Winter Olympic Games).

Park Xuedong, director of the market development department of the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee, told Interface News: “We were the first to choose Anta because we have long-term cooperation with Anta, and because Anta is the most active and efficient way to do this.” ”

It took 6 months from planning to launching the national flag series, and ANTA set up a separate business department for this purpose, responsible for docking with the Winter Olympic Organizing Committee, product planning and design, passing review, and finally production and market sales.

It is understood that the national flag series is divided into four product series: national flag classic, national team equipment, star series and life. Among them, the national flag classic and national team equipment use the national flag, while the star series and the life series use the national flag element.

In limited quantities, the pricing of the flag series is a little more expensive than ANTA’s ordinary products. Judging from the pre-sale of the Anta Tmall flagship store, the main windbreaker of the series is priced at about 1,000 yuan; The T-shirts of this series of pure cotton are about 100 yuan more expensive than ANTA ordinary products.

“We control the number of products. National flag goods will not be discounted, and the pricing of products will be relatively high, so we will grasp the inventory,” Zheng Jie, executive director and president of ANTA Group, told Interface News, “From an operational point of view, we hope that some products can be discussed by more consumers.” ”

Being more discussed by consumers means needing a topic, then word of mouth, and even national popularity.

The flag series, which opened for public sale for the first time, can be called a strategic series for ANTA. On the one hand, it can rely on its uniqueness to start trying “hunger marketing” – in recent years, with the popularity of “shoe pumping”, limited edition sneakers “hunger marketing” has become the norm in the sports consumer market.

For ANTA, being able to test the waters of “hunger marketing” requires that the product be scarce and collectible, and it is clear that the flag series meets such characteristics.

At the same time, in the past, ANTA focused on “cost-effective professional sports brands”, and the National Flag series can once again demonstrate the ultimate cost-effectiveness that ANTA hopes to present when the price range goes up. At the same time, being able to launch Olympic licensed products is quite beneficial to the national brand image that ANTA aspires to build.

Zheng Jie told Interface News: “We hope that this group of products can truly make their brand stand at the top of professional sports, so that they can have a stronger appeal to consumers and gain emotional recognition.” We want to convey to consumers an unceasing spirit, which is also the core of the sports culture that is in line with the professional sports attributes of the ANTA brand.

In the current traffic first, the new height of brand image also depends on endorsers. In the big show released by the national flag series, ANTA brand spokesperson Guan Xiaotong walked off the catwalk, showing the main white suit, pure white clothing, and further set off the bright red of the five-star red flag on the chest. Another spokesperson, Zhang Jike, wore a blue retro suit.

The global sports goods market, after the epidemic and in the complicated global political situation, will inevitably face a big reshuffle. For the home-grown Chinese brand Anta, perhaps this is also the best opportunity to catch up with and even surpass the two giants of sports goods consumption.

Backed by the Chinese market of 1.4 billion people, flagship levels such as the National Flag series can not only strengthen the product matrix, but also further tap the local market through the patriotic feelings of consumers.

Giants have fought in the technology battlefield, with Adidas’ resurrected Ultraboost, as well as Nike’s targeted Zoom and React, and the flag series of products may be the real starting point for Anta to become a global sports consumer goods giant.

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