Nanning, this hard-to-find powder shop, the signature 9 yuan 1 bowl, few local people have eaten

Guangxi’s powder can be said to be famous in the country, and basically every city has its own representative. If you want to understand a city, you must first find its famous and popular food, then these fans are naturally undeserved. The most famous fan in Nanning is the old friend fan, in fact, if you understand it in depth, it still has a lot worth trying, such as this not very easy to find powder store.

This store is not an old store in the food industry, only opened for 3 years, the reason why it is not easy to find, is because it is hidden deeply, in various network platforms are not hot, even few people evaluate, did not leave a phone, if you want to eat, you have to follow the address to find, finally find the address location, found that moved, now next to a seafood market, the boss said that the reason for moving is because the taste of old friend powder is heavier, affecting others, probably the taste of the seafood market is more appropriate.

Everyone should have also found that his family also sells old friend powder, but the signboard and the owner’s recommendation are a type that few people in the local area have eaten – pork tongue powder. Most of the people who go to eat are also regular customers, if you go for the first time, you can see the owner and the guests greeting each other familiarly, although the shop is small, the guests do not care about the location of the meal, as long as you can eat flour, you can also eat on the side of the road.

The signature pork tongue powder is 9 yuan for 1 bowl, 2 taels, and 3 taels for 10 yuan. Perhaps because of the shortage of ingredients, those who want to eat must arrive early, and they will be sold out when they go late, which can be said to be a limited supply. Many people avoid the animal’s tongue, always feel that it is terrifying, can not lower the mouth, in fact, after breaking it apart, if you look at it alone, it is still very appetizing. It looks like a light bowl of pork tongue powder, but it actually has its own unique taste and texture.

The pork tongue is full of soup, and the surface looks smooth and rough without meat, but the mouth has a completely different feeling. First of all, it is fresh, the positive tongue is crisp, the side tongue is tender, and there is a little tendon on the outside, which looks inconspicuous and a small piece, but it tastes rich in layers, which is also the unique feature of pork tongue. The ingredients for each bowl of pork tongue powder are powder, pork tongue, pork and green vegetables, which smell and taste very fragrant, and the soup is also very sweet.

In addition to pork tongue powder, his family also has a signboard is the old friend eight zhen powder, the old friend eight zhen powder is the taste that Nanning people can not refuse, with seafood, the feeling of salty and fresh is intertwined, I believe many people will like it.

The small shop has the powder that Nanning people like, there are no more, no less, there may just be what you like, and the person who likes it is accompanied by a simple, not so strong, just in this rich soup and fresh ingredients, feel the irresistible fragrance.

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