How to wear “white” well in winter, 4 pieces + a variety of matching demonstrations, wear the right style to be elegant

Everything withers away in winter, and it stands to reason that warm colors can dissolve the bleakness of winter. However, don’t forget that the snow-white world of ice and snow also belongs to winter, although white gives people a cool and cold feeling, but wearing white clothes in winter is particularly pleasing to the eye, it is easy to make people shine, and it is easy to wear a simple sense of luxury.

White is refreshing and bright, but not too dazzling, not picky skin tone, can be combined with a variety of colors of clothing, in the autumn and winter with black and earth color items as the mainstream, clean and cool white looks particularly temperamental. So, how to dress “white” well in winter? In this issue, I recommend 4 items for everyone, as well as a variety of matching demonstrations, and the style is really elegant.

1: White coat

If you choose white for winter coats, it is recommended to choose warm white, such as off-white, milky white and other warm white coats. Because bright cool white is actually not very suitable for yellow skin. Warm white coats are more skin tone friendly and have a touch of warmth, which is more suitable for winter and better taken care of. Choose a collarless style with a simple cut, and the undershirt and sweater will not look bulky even if there are several more layers, and the cashmere scarf will not make the neckline feel stacked, which will look more crisp and neat.

On cold days, wear a white wool double-sided coat, which is warm without looking heavy, light and elegant and very high-class. The clothes inside can be matched with light-colored turtleneck sweaters, simple color matching, wearing more advanced, plus a thick scarf will be more layered and warmer. Bottoms can be worn with skirts, and pleated long skirts or straight skirts are very elegant and feminine.

Friends who like simple “black and white” style dressing, you can use a white coat with black pants, such as slim black tights, straight pants or black skinny jeans, simple color combination, matching is both simple and neat and a little handsome.

Because white has a visual “sense of expansion”, if you are worried about the fat white coat, you can choose a slim waist fit, with slim black pants, simple and expensive.

2: White sweater

The twisted pattern white sweater, the unique knit is very vintage, and it is easier to wear a lazy feeling, which is very suitable for winter wear. Pair it with a soft silk skirt or satin skirt, which is gentle and feminine, and can also balance the heaviness of the sweater, making the overall outfit elegant and light. Shoes are paired with neutral booties, adding a bit of casual handsomeness to create a beautiful and handsome dressing style.

It is also possible to use the classic black and white combination. The off-white twisted knit crewneck sweater and white shirt are layered, and the pants are paired with glossy black leather pants to make simple black and white more high-end.

If you like a more extreme minimalist outfit, you can also choose to wear white all over. A white crewneck or turtleneck sweater paired with a white skirt or wide-leg pants is refreshing and refreshing, simple and elegant and full of femininity, easily becoming the focus of attention.

3: White pants

In winter, when dark outfits are the mainstream, every woman should have a pair of white pants. Versatile and easy to wear, it’s a great brightening effect that can easily dissolve dullness and make thick layers of winter outfits instantly lighter. When wearing a variety of dark or easy to look old and dull jackets, just pair it with a pair of white pants, and it will immediately become refreshing and vibrant.

4: White shoes

White shoes are an indispensable finishing touch to winter attire. Like black shoes, white shoes are a winter must-have. Because winter outfits are often dominated by black, camel, gray, earth and other colors that are easy to appear dull, a pair of white shoes can make your outfit look more refreshing.

Small white shoes, white daddy sneakers, in winter is also very light and versatile, with a suit or coat, can weaken the seriousness and formality of the suit and coat, increase the casual and relaxed feeling, comfortable and age-reduced, and can make the overall outfit more fashionable and fashionable.

If you want to be warmer and more fashionable, you can choose white boots. For example, white high-heeled pointed-toe booties, paired with a simple khaki trench coat and black cropped pants, make the otherwise bland outfit more stylish. Caramel sweater with black skirt, navy blue coat with black knit and lace skirt, the overall look is a little dull, with white boots to brighten, look more fashionable.

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