Amazfit Body Fat Scale: Health starts with knowing your body

Nowadays, health problems are gradually attracting attention, and if you want to live a healthy life, you first need to understand your physical condition. Although we can’t go to the physical examination every day, there is still a way to monitor the basic physical parameters such as weight and body fat, and the body fat scale launched by Amazfit is such a product.

The body fat scale has a square shape and a glass front with some mirror effect.

The battery compartment is on the back of the scale, and this product requires four AA batteries to run.

The Amazfit body fat scale is equipped with a high-precision G-sensor that can detect slight changes of 50 grams for more accurate measurements. In addition, the body fat scale has a high-precision processing chip inside, which can provide 16 key health indicators such as muscle mass, water rate, protein rate and so on according to the measurement results and the data provided by the user, helping users better understand their body changes.

The Amazfit body fat scale can be used with the Zepp App, which can be used with other devices to record heart rate, sleep and other key data in addition to weight and body fat percentage. The app will also calculate the number of calories consumed every 30 minutes for each of the 18 supported sports based on the physical data obtained from the test, helping users make a more scientific and more suitable exercise plan.

The Amazfit Body Fat Scale is also an excellent family health companion because you can bind up to 10 Amazfit accounts at the same time, each of which can be used by up to 12 family members.

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