A must-have long-sleeved shirt for early autumn keeps you prepared

The weather is gradually getting cooler, especially after the autumn rain, feel cool, but after the weather turns clear, and some hot, so cold and hot weather, it is easy to catch a cold, so the problem of dressing is particularly important, long-sleeved shirt is the most suitable item for the season, hot can stack the sleeves, cold can be worn with a vest or cardigan, very practical and versatile, today Xiaoqing will recommend 10 long-sleeved shirts for the pro, so that you are prepared and easily cope with the excessive season.

01、【Lapel embroidered lace paneled cotton shirt】

Classic lapel design, intellectual elegance, lace openwork panels, sexy fashion, exquisite embroidery, full of big brand style, pure cotton texture, comfortable and breathable, it is time to wear it in early autumn.

02、【Cotton embroidered long-sleeved shirt】

Delicate and playful neckline embroidery, very pure and cute, loose slim fit, comfortable and thin, pure cotton fabric, sweat-absorbing and breathable, with pencil skirt, interpreting intellectual elegance light mature female style.

03、【BF Mint Green Long Sleeve Shirt】

Loose and shapeless BF style shirt, casual and free, mint green fresh and pleasant, pure cotton texture, comfortable and skin-friendly, with suspender T, cool weather can be paired with pencil pants, interpreting the new autumn fashion.

04、【Cotton plaid shirt】

Fresh and retro checker, fresh and elegant, loose fit, slim and thin, pure cotton texture, comfortable and skin-friendly, whether it is daily leisure or outing, it is the best choice.

05、【Mid-length denim shirt】

Loose BF style denim shirt, dashing and handsome, soft cotton denim fabric, comfortable and skin-friendly, can be worn directly with pencil pants, very casual and fashionable.

06, [Small fresh literary and artistic plaid shirt]

Loose mid-length plaid shirt, very literary and fresh, soft cotton texture, is Mori women’s favorite fabric, with a summer versatile T, fresh and fashionable, is the most IN wear for daily casual.

07、【Cartoon embroidered cotton white shirt】

Cute and playful cartoon embroidery, youth fashion, loose fit, very thin, pure cotton texture, comfortable and skin-friendly, with denim pencil pants, pure and preppy style.

08、【Cotton striped shirt】

Slim loose striped shirt, very structured and stylish, fresh love embroidery, playful personality, vertical stripes, more thin, pure cotton fabric, comfortable and natural, is a must-have versatile item for autumn wardrobes.

09、【Thin cotton denim shirt】

Simple and elegant design, elegant and intellectual, soft cotton denim fabric, comfortable and handsome, with cardigan or trench coat, easily interpret the autumn casual fashion style.

10. [Stand collar solid color long-sleeved shirt]

Owning your own shirt was a childhood expectation. Multi-color shirt, neat white, pure blue, quiet pink, ingenious design, the casual release of young hipsters, interpreting the trend of versatility. Sleeves that can be pulled up, atmospheric texture. Remove the cumbersome, multiple ways to wear it.

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