Sefini Duomo Plus Cathedral Two-Way Power Amp A favorite of high-end fever horns

It has always been said that Italy’s artistic achievements and cultural contributions have not disappointed the world, especially in this country that spearheaded the rise of the Renaissance movement, leaving behind a treasure trove that will be remembered. In Italy, where art and culture are prevalent, various churches are landmark buildings that convey important artistic atmosphere, large and small churches can not only show the architectural styles of different periods, but also show the unique craftsmanship of designers and craftsmen of different eras. In the field of car audio,

Sinfoni Shiffani

Always known for its high level of craftsmanship, this article brings Schiffani’s latest DUOMO PLUS handmade power amplifier, showcasing the unique artistic characteristics of Schiffini in the name of the cathedral.

Following its launch in 2020

Duomo Classe A

After the series of amplifiers in the chapel, the latest Duomo Plus Cathedral inherits the design features of the all-gold style, and the entire fuselage is shining with gold. At the same time, it also features the Prestigio 120.2, the top flagship amplifier of Schiffani, with a towering metal heat sink in the middle and rear of the heavy fuselage, just like the design of the main building of the cathedral that rises high in the complex, which is magnificent and beautiful.

duomo classe A chapel amplifier

Duomo Plus cathedral amplifier

The design secret of pure class A’s excellent stability

Earlier, some netizens on the Internet ridiculed the audio system using pure class A power amplifiers, which are more suitable for winter heating, whether household or vehicle pure class A power amplifiers because of the huge heat generation, the heat dissipation performance design is very particular. Sephani in

Upper, mid-rear towering gold metal

“Cooling tower”

The heat of the internal circuit is directly brought up to the top of the heat sink and discharged outward, and the deep grille design increases the air diversion between the heat sinks, quickly bringing heat dissipation effect and ensuring sufficient stability in the cabin space.

Pure sound floor with extremely low distortion

The Duomo Plus cathedral amplifier adopts a two-channel symmetrical balance circuit design, and the internal is an independent single-channel power amplifier circuit on both sides to form a two-way pure class A power amplifier, and it is a pure post-stage power amplification design, so that the internal mutual interference sound coloring is minimized, and the crosstalk between the circuits is kept to a minimum state, bringing a pure clean sound floor effect. Screws, pure copper terminals, PCB circuits, including metal components of the fuselage are all customized by Sefiny, from power addition to signal conduction to achieve lossless transmission, reduce complex pre-circuit adjustment, audio signals in the entire amplification path can achieve signal straightforward, signal-to-noise ratio is high


, THD total harmonic distortion can be done


Level, amplifier low distortion high fidelity.

Precise control at high power

At present, high-efficiency Class D digital power amplifiers sweep the market, and power outputs of more than 2-300W abound, but in terms of pure Class A power amplifiers, more than 100W power output is already fierce high power. For Sepaney, Duomo Plus was designed to cope with the many speakers on the market that require excellent sound quality and high power requirements


High power stage output, each channel can be realized in a 2Ω load


output, while the two-way bridge power is more up


, the frequency response range is


of ultra-wide frequency range. That is to say, whether it is ultra-high frequency upextension or ultra-low frequency diving, Duomo Plus Cathedral power amplifier is excellent!

Since ancient times, there have been Hi-End high-end speakers, and there are Hi-End high-end power amplifiers; Consumers need speakers with outstanding results, and there are amplifiers that can deliver the best results… This is Sinfoni’s commitment to fever music

360 car network review: high-power pure class A, from the inside to the outside is the ultimate

200W high power and pure Class A pure post-stage design, the details can be refined and magnificent, and the music scene can be restored with excellent accuracy. Sinfoni Duomo Plus Cathedral two-channel amplifier, high-fidelity restoration of the true color, easier to cope with the “harsh” high-end audiophile speaker needs, from the inside out is the extreme, in the Duomo Plus cathedral, there is no difficult to effect the speaker.

Technical parameters of the two-channel amplifier of the Duomo Plus Cathedral of Sinfoni

/ Output power: 200Wx2Ch@4 Ω, 315W×2Ch@2 Ω / Bridge power: 600W×1Ch / Frequency response range: 5Hz-50kHz / Signal-to-noise ratio: >117dB / THD distortion: <0.005@1kHz / Input sensitivity: 0.1-8V / Input impedance: 48kΩ / Working voltage: 10.5V-15.6V / Weight: 7.3Kg /

Unified retail price: 88,888.00 RMB

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Duomo Plus cathedral amplifier

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