Don’t be afraid to wear autumn pants! Give up jeans, school uniform pants are the “ultimate weapon” to hide meat and show leg length in winter!

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European and American street photography winter sweatpants with edges

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In winter, when skirts are greatly discounted, it seems that the world is full of pants. But the wide-leg pants and jeans along the way are inevitably boring, and the appearance of hemmed sweatpants has brought some new fun, which seems to be the school pants of the past, but they have been improved very fashionably, such as “splitting” sweatpants or making a fuss on the line, adding trendy rivets, fluorescent colors and so on.

Classic school pants blue

This kind of blue sweatpants with brimming is believed to be a memory of youth for many people, and how many people’s junior and senior high school pants are like this. Hipsters usually choose a combination of blue + blue or blue + black to interpret the classic school pants, loose pants and good drape, school pants can also wear a sense of premium.

The small details of the slit, the feet exposed by the music, I didn’t expect that the school uniform pants could also be worn with a little sexy.

Who says school uniform pants and high heels don’t match? There are always a hundred ways to do it. The white side lines and white high heels are the same color, does it look much more harmonious?

The yellow side line adds highlights to the overall Look, high waist + “mopping” length, long legs easy to wear out.

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Red and green are eye-catching, and white is elegant

The red color, which seems to be incompatible with winter, is actually loved by people. If you want to play contrast, you have to dare to play, red sweatpants top should also be red, pure white look is not willing to be lonely, to some stripes is interesting, and green with bold, how to wear is very eye-catching.

The contrast of “red and black” is bright and eye-catching, but the patent leather heels look out of place, and it will be much better to change to a matte color.

The fashionable elves who dare to wear are never afraid of the combination of red, green and pink colors, but in the bleak winter, this color matching is also very eye-catching, good looking or not… Mainly look at the face…

Green sweatpants with a black sweatshirt look cooler and have a more street feel.


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Because it is black, it can bloom:

Although the black sweatpants with brimmed sweatpants are black overall, the “edge” can always have a story, and you can play a hundred tricks with different thicknesses and colors. For example, the classic Adi three shoulders, as well as the red and white double bars, now there are more bright yellow single wide bars. The matching also continues the versatility of black, and the windbreaker leather coat is a free OL style, and changing to a sweater sweater can instantly reduce the age to a girl in her 20s.

The overall look is no more than three colors, black sweatpants with leather clothing, handsome and a little more modern.

School uniform pants are paired with a cropped gold jacket and long legs are easily concave.

Down jackets and plush jackets are a must in winter, if you are worried about showing fat with jeans, change into school uniform pants, not only show long legs and straight legs, but also reduce age~

School uniform pants with sweaters, simple and fashionable combination.

Of course, the colorful sweater is more compatible with the school uniform pants with the color edge, and it is full of age-reducing feeling!

So don’t just wear jeans in winter, school uniform pants have now faded the “bondage” of the campus, and have become a fashion IP, even if you put three pairs of autumn pants inside, you are not fat, and you don’t hurry up to wear them ~

Newtone side contrast striped straight casual sweatpants ¥449

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