This “camera” is an IPX7 waterproof Type-C magnetic fast-charging shaver

Tony brother’s Buy house routine

This week’s “camera” type waterproof razor received this morning, seize the time to give you a brief comment on unboxing. Is this a camera or a razor? Emmm… [Cover your face] Let’s see for yourself:

You ask 100 people, and I’m sure 90 people think it’s a camera, and not a single person thinks it’s a razor

The price of 29 pieces of 9 is not high or low, there are 19 pieces of 8 Yazhu elephant in front (support Type-C fast charging), and there is Evergreen Tree Yingqu (3 heads + Type-C fast charging) in the back, the competition for domestic razors at a price of 30 yuan is still very fierce, why buy this product? Does it just look like a camera? Gossip less, old rules look at the picture and speak:

The model is called ZG-T018, produced by the old air conditioning factory Zhigao (the above is the outer box)

There is also a layer of inner packaging when taken out (double box praise)

It’s really a pity that this shape does not make a camera [tear run] There is an 80-minute ultra-long standby (see the detailed description, these 80 minutes is the battery life use time, once a day in the morning and evening, two minutes each, about 20 days to charge), and then the whole body wash, the same price to achieve the whole body washing is rare, which is also one of the pain points. Then there is the base of the mystery pictured above, which will be detailed later~

The back is the product specification description, which is not very important

Unpack the family portrait, black unknown object, Type-C charging cable, Type-C charging base, cleaning brush, card instruction manual, etc

Visual inspection and mobile phone charging cable are universal, the cable is very thick, should not be ordinary 2 wallet mail

Magnetic Type-C charging base, the above Type-C male head can be rotated, removed (magnetic combination) is very fun

Type-C slot on the base

Cleaning brush one

The manual has some necessary use introduction, you can see it or not (mainly 3 seconds long press, lock anti-false touch function is worth seeing)

This black unidentified sphere… It’s actually writing the box

After pulling the cable, the razor itself appears (still like a camera, the soul is still faint (╯‵□′)╯(┻━┻)

The butt is a Type-C charging slot

You can usually plug in the electricity and press it

!? Well!? Why are there some activities?

Why is it a little loose? Wouldn’t that be unstable??

Think too much… Magnetism magnetism magnetism, important things said three times

If you like, you can directly install the Type-C plug of the base directly on the shaver, so that you can charge it by throwing it on the base (automatic magnetic positioning)

It is like this to remove it, and the common magnetic tip mobile phone charging cable on the market is a logic

Open the protective cover of the razor

The steel mesh is very beautifully made, and it looks like the mesh is too fine, and the effect must be very good for daily short whiskers, but it seems to be not very friendly to long whiskers

Straight to the test, my hair is “very unfriendly” to the average portable razor

The test results are shown in the figure, as mentioned earlier, the net port is too fine, and it is a single head, and when shaving long whiskers (or sweat hair), it will leave a handle that is not captured by the knife net (see the figure below)

The red circle is the test shaving area, and inside the blue circle is 1 long 3 short sweat hair that is not shaved clean after the test

If it is a daily short stubble trimming is very easy, the short stubble is relatively hard + fine, more suitable for the performance of this knife net. And the speed of this product is high, and the short sweat stubble shaved off in the test can even gather in the groove of the blade in a gray shape ╮(╯▽╰)╭ With a 0.07mm ultra-thin knife mesh, Emmm, a little interesting [cool]

Daily cleaning is also very simple, and the metal area of the knife head can be rotated to remove the knife mesh

3-blade blade, knife mesh + all-metal cover

The stubble is shaved very finely, which shows that the motor speed is high enough

The knife mesh + upper cover bracket part is all-metal

Rinse directly with water (get some hand sanitizer foam if you like)

The head iron presses the switch, and the shaver can still be used in the watery state, but the indicator light turns red, after all, it is not recommended to work

Turn off the faucet, the razor still continues to work, but the LED indicator changes back to the green normal state, and the whole machine is waterproof or stress-free

Remove the blade mesh, rinse and dry in the sun


Less than 30 yuan to buy this razor, more fun, magnetic Type-C fast charging base, waterproof of the whole machine, 80 minutes of use time, plus the included round black leather case (is it very similar to Pokémon?). [Tear Run]) is convenient to throw in the office, the passenger locker, or when traveling and out to throw away the suitcase. And support the same Type-C charging cable as mobile phones, charging treasure, car USB and computer can be plug-and-play, basically do not worry about battery life.

Finally, a summary of the advantages and disadvantages:

Full score of appearance + creativity, it is definitely a beautiful boy in the office;

The motor working noise (including shaving noise) is very low, silent and praiseworthy;

Type-C charging is convenient (5W input power such a small battery can be done in an hour);

The daily storage and placement of the magnetic base is fun and good-looking, and I don’t know what model figure it is;

Long beards and long sweat hairs are not suitable for use, and the curved single head is more suitable for short beard stubble, and it is shaved very clean;

The way to hold it is debatable, after all, the round one is not as good as the square one;

It is better to add a soft rubber waterproof plug to the bottom charging port, after all, it is the waterproof Slogan of the whole machine;

The price still has potential, to do 19 pieces 9 I can raise my hands to like.

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