Spring and autumn essential pantyhose to highlight beautiful legs and keep warm

Still worried that it will be cold in short skirts in spring and autumn? Are you still worried that your legs are not looking good in spring and autumn and dare not wear a skirt? Don’t worry, you just need a pair of pantyhose, which are warm and stylish, and can also define our leg lines very well, so that we can look beautiful in spring.

Fashionable small polka dot pattern design, 10D ultra-thin transparent shredded meat, let the sexiness and elegance perfectly blend. The toes are completely transparent, allowing you to enjoy comfortable high-end craftsmanship. With a black dress and a pair of red high heels, you will have a noble aura.

The cleansing complexion is designed without marks, leaving the skin and tights in harmony. The appropriate combination of nylon and Lycra produces an ultra-thin and silky feeling of affection. Cotton crotch, transparent heels, thick toes, it is enough to be considerate and careful, casual clothing matching, can be easily controlled.

The first time you open these tights, you’ll be amazed at their thickness, and it’s no exaggeration to describe them as thin as cicada wings. The transparency is very high and it is almost invisible when put on. Silk texture, silky feel. Thickened toes for durability.

Ultra-thin velvet, with very good elasticity, unique three-dimensional weaving technology and SIDRIA fiber, to ensure the ultimate transparency at the same time, but also super high strength. Delicately cutout narrow-brimmed cuff with latex tape to keep you from slipping.

Whitening is the consistent pursuit of Asian women’s skin tone, white transparent tights, giving you a different declaration of beauty. The delicate keel pattern adorns the cuff of the socks, giving the texture extraordinary, making taste a popular fashion.

Made of 100% silk, the protein composition is very similar to the skin, and it has good breathability, which can naturally discharge moisture outward, which is good for health. Double sock cuff, heel and toe reinforcement wear-resistant, dark pointed scalp shoes standard.

Poor quality tights will always leave you with embarrassing memories: as soon as you walk, the tights fall down, and you have to pull them up through the clothes… Pantyhose solves the problem perfectly! Tummy tuck and buttocks lift, bikini crotch leg shaping, short skirt and shorts for you to wear~

An artifact that allows everyone to truly experience naked makeup and legs! If you need to wear a formal uniform to work, or if you are an elegant office girl, or occasionally attend formal occasions, these tights will be your dress up partner.

Many girls said that they couldn’t accept the mesh socks at first, but everyone said that they looked good, and they felt that they were fashionable after watching more~ Haha, I don’t know if you have chased this fashion? All kinds of cowboys with oversized holes go well with it!

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