The woven belt of the United States Marine Corps, with regular clothing, is not too broken, and can also indicate the rank of martial arts

Today, we introduce the woven outer belt of the US Marine Corps, which looks tattered but is actually quite connotative.

According to the U.S. Marine Corps MCO 1020.34H v2 Uniform Regulations, the belt of all uniforms will be tied at the natural waistline, and the right edge of the belt buckle (the right side of the wearer) is aligned with the edge of the placket.

The belt of all male military uniforms and male officer blue tops must match the color and material of the uniform. That is to say, if the officers and soldiers wear khaki regular clothes, then they can only wear a woven outer belt with the same material as the top, although this belt looks tattered and loose, but there are still many doorways inside, in fact, it has quite a connotation.

For example, regulations require the belt buckle to press against the bottom button. The belt passes through the belt buckle from right to left, the end is located between 2.75~3.75 inches on the left side of the belt buckle, and is fixed by a 0.5-inch wide snap ring, and the snap ring is located in an equal position between the left side of the belt buckle and the end of the belt. There is a snap ring on the left and right sides of the waist of the blouse to secure the belt. The belt buckle must be kept in a highly polished condition.

The Marine Corps uniform is 1.25 inches wide at the waist and khaki cloth, which must be worn until the martial arts belt, and the khaki cloth belt can be worn with blue trousers or white trousers.

The belt passes through the belt buckle from right to left, and the end is between 2~4 inches to the left of the belt buckle. The belt buckle and the metal buckle at the end must be kept in a highly polished condition.

Optional buckled white nylon woven waistband can only be worn with white trousers. Men’s blue and “A/B” blue and white dresses use a white nylon woven outer belt. When men wear swords, the white nylon braided outer belt can also be paired with “C” and “D” blue dresses. Female soldiers wear non-commissioned officer swords in blue dresses with white nylon woven outer belts.

The soldier’s belt buckle is made of highly polished natural plain brass, 2×3 inches. The NCO belt buckle is essentially the same as the regular belt buckle, but the center is attached to the Marine Corps brass badge. The belt buckle of the Staff Non-commissioned Officer (SNCO) is essentially the same as that of a non-commissioned officer, and there is a decorative garland around the Marine Corps badge.

Marine Corps Wushu Dan Universal Belt, 1.75 inches wide, nylon, matte black D-belt buckle and locking lever, worn by Marines with martial arts ranks. The belt passes through the belt buckle from right to left, and the end is between 4~8 inches to the left of the belt buckle. The belt buckle will maintain a gentle black finish.

According to MCO 1500.54, Marines can only wear a monochrome universal belt, and instructor stripes can be added according to the actual martial arts rank, that is, personnel who serve as melee instructors or instructor instructors can add corresponding identification stripes to the belt. Instructor stripes are 1/2-inch tan or red stripes (as appropriate) sewn vertically onto the belt, with the first stripe 2 inches from the end of the belt and each subsequent stripe 1/4 inch from the previous one. The martial arts dan belt may not be used with casual clothes.

The U.S. Marine Corps’ martial arts rank program, as well as specific belt recognition features, will be detailed in the next article.

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