The ugly and earthy polo shirt turned out to be so popular? It looks good in a giant costume

This year can be described as a sporty year, with Athflow wind and super fresh

Tennis style

。 And to create a lazy and good-looking wind,

Polo shirt

Must have a name.

Polo, as a piece of retro style in the past two years, is classic but carrying

Nostalgic vintage

of fashion.

Compared to a versatile T-shirt,

Polo shirts are more picky

。 So, today is the big 喜️ and small blackboard moment, hand-in-hand to tell you why Polo shirts can last so many years!

A lot of people think Polo is carrying


, is the “standard” for dads.

Polo shirts are also called

Tennis shirt

(tennis shirt)

, originally the clothes worn by aristocrats when playing polo, are extremely comfortable.

Its characteristics are:

Short-sleeved clothes with collars

, for a long time it is called “

polo shirt

(Polo shirt)


Precisely because

tennie style

More and more popular, everyone began to pay attention to the outfits of its tennis stars, so that Polo shirts slowly evolved into casual clothing that we often wear.

Polo shirts were designed in the early years

No need to tuck into your pants

On the premise of the inside, the style is generally back long, front short, and there is a small opening in the side hem, both in style and style

Neutral wind

Tennis is a high-end aristocratic sport, so major brands will also integrate into the design

Polo collar


This 85-year-old brand masterpiece is the Polo shirt, a polo shirt printed with a crocodile pattern, classic and retro, which brings people back at once

Tennis courts of the last century

Lacoste S/S 2020

GUCCI is also a good player for playing with polo shirts, colorful and rich, with a strong color

Vintage and playful


Aside from the brand’s favor, the major fashionaces also love it,

Favorability does not distinguish between men and women

Kendall and Bella picked up early, and the American street coolness came out at once.

Zi Feng ♀️ also often spoils Polo shirts,

Colored stripes

Lined with quiet and restrained, she has more bright vitality and vitality.

In fact, Polo shirts have both athleisure and comfort, and can also let you

Seconds back to your student days

Chen Chen in Zifeng’s sister’s recently released “Midsummer Future”, Tan Songyun “In the Name of the Family” Li Jianjian, wearing Polo collar school uniforms, all look good

Green and clean

The character of the school in my impression——

School grass

, will also wear a Polo collar school uniform, grin can make the surrounding girls blush heartbeat.

Although there will still be many people who think Polo collars

“Daddy” gas

, but affected by the trend, the design of the Polo neck is getting younger and younger, and the style is becoming more and more fashionable.

Solid color polo shirt

☝️ When it comes to the most versatile and infallible, solid color polo is king.

The base color is in the wardrobe

Highest utilization


Very able to wear Korean and Instagram style

Milk tea color

It must also be picked more, showing white and tender and gentle.

Green series

It is also a must-have in summer, with a visual cooling color super refreshing, emerald green and fresh, avocado milk glutinous~

Dimension C, who likes bright colors, boldly built,

Yellow, orange, pink, blue

… How showy how to come.

Printed polo shirt

Solid colors are so good-looking, and colors must not fall.

Stripe series

YYDS, incorporating the elements of the sea soul shirt, fried chicken girl heart!

In addition to horizontal stripes, vertical stripes will appear thinner and more visible


Stitching contrast

The Polo shirt is a bit like a basketball kid, and the color matching is best one light and one dark, dark and light, and whoever wears it will be the coolest cub.

Check Polo also comes with color attributes, this pink and white checked Polo shirt, also

Too soft and tender

It’s up~

And also

Weave elements & colors

Polo, rustic with full resort style, full of comfort.

Polo shirt has an American casual feeling,

Simple, practical and easy to match

, whether you wear it with a skirt or pants, you can’t go wrong.

Short Polo optimised proportions

It’s all 2021, which little dimension C doesn’t know yet

Showing thinness at the waist

In the current era of short models, Polo has certainly kept up with this trend.

Let’s talk about the difference between short and long models.

Loose-sized polo silhouette

Too hypertrophied

, visually it will look bloated and draggy, if you want to wear it, you can consider it

The hem is tucked into the pants

, can also play a role in raising the waist line.

Don’t dive in

In contrast, cropped polo shirts

Comes with a waistline

, effortless chic everywhere.

The short Polo is also super friendly to small people,

Elongate the proportions

, tall and thin.

Polo➕ skirt

Polo➕ small skirt, is made

Summer atmosphere

One of the ways.

The white Polo➕ tennis skirt is full of vitality

Retro beautiful girl

It can also be matched with pieces

Short vest

, highlighting the sense of layering and 很️ student popularity.


Polo shirts can also be worn more, choose breathable fabrics, and show off your temperament.

Polo➕ pants

Polo shirt ➕ jeans combination

Most everyday

It is also the most versatile, and you can easily go out on the street.


Very accommodating

The more complex style of the Polo shirt can also be perfectly digested, bringing a lazy casual beauty.

Polo shirt + shorts

The combination is super cool, and the set is milky and cool!

Polo skirt

Polo skirts are also one of the simple and refreshing ways to open in summer.

Jennie’s knitted polo dress must be a famous scene, right?

The eldest lady goes out on the street


The white polo skirt is pure and clean, although it is versatile, it will look too plain! Can be utilized

Bright accessories


Hair color

Doing something on top can also make you different.

The black polo skirt is full of casual feeling,

Cool and personal

, but wearing black in summer will be more heat-absorbing.

You can learn to be small, wear more colorful polo skirts,

Refreshing and playful

Sleeveless dress

This year is also very popular, this pink polo neck sleeveless dress has a little sexy touch of summer, casually shot is a high-end atmosphere.

There is also a slim long polo skirt,

High requirements for figure

, Baozi with a good figure can try it, sexy and charming.

Well, polo shirts are both classic and vintage, and if you try hard, you will definitely be able to fry the street in style!

Although the fashion vane is turning every year, fashion has always been a circle. Fashion never has limits, as long as the Dimensionals are

Dare to take that step

, it’s already fashionable.











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