And Jeep New Guide to explore unlimited front road also give yourself Guide Changsha STYLE

Red Net Time January 16 (Reporter Zhou Yuguang) The elders are difficult to understand Z generation, just like Z generation, do not understand why the elders want to watch the Spring Festival Evening, the B station “The most beautiful night” cross the New Year’s party is not fragrant? Young people chasing the Handsuka, a dismantling box, playing, with a circle of friends, pleasant consumption. In the case of Changsha, which has the development of Xiang Chu culture, the wind direction of the entertainment industry, is more obvious. On January 16, Jeep New Guide Changsha Style Flash Experience Shop landed on Changsha Trend Square, with this unique form, for Changsha’s Z generation guide Changsha STYLE.

About Changsha style, a thousand Changsha young people, there are thousands of answers: food in the streets, the stream of liberation West Road, the sunset of Yuelu Mountain and eat bitterness is not afraid of the death of the Billy His Sand … Although their answers are not the same, they all love this city and love the past and the future of this city. And the young people in Changsha, like the city’s love, the Jeep New Guide that is unveiled in the flash shop, is a strong back shield on the road of life.

Brand founders and designers from the King Hanwu, in the process of chasing history and landscape, expressing the inner generation of the young generation with breakthrough traditional personality design. As Jeep New Guide, while inheriting Jeep Family DNA, use a dazzling double-fighting body, extreme impact, and future design, form a strong visual shock, so that young owners become street focus.

和Jeep新指南者探索无限前路 也给自己指南长沙Style

The inner link between the two-flowers of the founder of the Damodian brand.

和Jeep新指南者探索无限前路 也给自己指南长沙Style

While expressing strong personality, exquisite craftsmanship is also a highlight of King Hanfu. As new guidelines, the new starrier, the brutter, seven-hole grill, with array-style high-bright, stamped, decoration, highlighting, brands Identification and exquisite crafts are advancing with the times, and it is possible.

The cars are invisible to share the Jeep and Changsha in his eyes.

和Jeep新指南者探索无限前路 也给自己指南长沙Style

“Former” Changsha Mange, current media cannon, from 90.5 high-speed traffic broadcasting, you can feel his old Jeeper Fan, M65 windbreaker, Jeep Duck Cap is his label, talk about Jeep spirit The love of Changsha, he is angry, and it is a piece of young people, he has no pressure.

和Jeep新指南者探索无限前路 也给自己指南长沙Style

From the 1941 Jeep brand, there have been a heavy history of 80 years, and the protagonist of this event Jeep New Guide is a global model of the Phi-Group’s global model, and take the lead in China’s global models. Just to meet young consumption The people can be freely galloping in the city, or the “double personality” in the outdoor mountains, and the distance from the new generation consumers can be fully protected.

和Jeep新指南者探索无限前路 也给自己指南长沙Style

Despite the “Guide”, Jeep knows that Z will life, does not need guidance, but a strong and reliable companion. Jeep New Guide is acting as such a role. 9 big black technology bonding GSE-T4 1.3T four-cylinder turbocharged engine matches ZF imported 9-speed hand-in-one gearbox, power output is powerful, respond agility, but there is a low-than low hundred kilometer comprehensive fuel consumption, combustion The passion of new generation of young consumers bravely departed.

78% high-strength steel body, the use of 1300MPA ultra-high strength steel, so that Jeep New Guide has the safety guards of “all inside and outside”. The Active Drive Intelligent Four-Top Systems of the same level can be switched from two-wheel drive seamless to four flies within 17 daily urban driving conditions, and the young people are very happy to accompany you. witness.

On the way to conquer the distance, the new guide uses a new generation of UConnect 5 info systems and the Intel Apollo LakePremium processor to fly a general experience. Exquisite interiors with 10.1 inch-controlled screen and Tencent TAI 3.0 smart vehicle system, through intelligent voice interactive housekeeper “jingle assistant”, connect mobile Internet service ecology seamless chains to users of smart trips, entertainment travel, social travel scene middle. Such as mobile phone-like experience, let Z generation seamlessly switched various entertainment scenes, never turn off the line with your teammates.

Zhang Chaoyang (right), deputy general manager of Guangqi Fork, delivered the key for the new owner.

In the flash shop, several new Junghns are happy to share them with the end of their new guides, and some are dreaming for the love of Jeep brand, and some people are the smart control circle powder by the new guide, but they There is a common feature – the new guide, you can meet the life style of the current urban young people say that they will walk.

和Jeep新指南者探索无限前路 也给自己指南长沙Style

After the countless blind box is removed, you may find our life, that is, the most exciting blind box, the current effort and sweat, in exchange for the future surprise. You may not need a life guide, but the new guide is 139,800 ~ 2098 million heart, let your Jeep dream touch. January 16th – 24th, in Changsha Hisday, Jeep New Guide Changsha STYLE flash experience store, 邂逅 belongs to your new year surprise, open a different life.

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