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Baking originated in the West and is different from the idea of Chinese cooking. Chinese cooking pays attention to one thing for multiple purposes, and Western baking pays attention to one thing for one use; The advantage of multi-use is to save money, and the advantage of one-of-one use is that even novices with the right tools can make delicious various dessert cakes.

Pig baking DIY

If a worker wants to do a good job, he must first sharpen his tools, choose the right tools, and achieve twice the result with half the effort. Let’s first introduce a few gadgets for getting started with baking and its performance, so that novices can also have fun baking! There are fewer pits on the way to baking.

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Pig Pig Baking House DIY

Electronic scales (importance ★★★★★)

Accurate control of the amount of material is the first step in baking success or failure, electronic scale is a very important tool when baking, it can be used to weigh the accurate amount of baking material, usually with the function of peeling, unit conversion. The accuracy is divided into 0.01 and 0.1 grams, and the weighing range is divided into 3KG, 5KG, 10KG, etc. Generally, it is recommended to choose 0.1 grams of accuracy, and the weighing range is 3KG or 5KG.

Electronic scales Pig Baking House DIY

Bowls, basins (importance ★★★★★)

Bowls can be used as containers for baking materials such as flour, sugar, eggs, oil and water, which can be plastic, glass, metal. The pot can be used to whip the cream, egg whites, stir, etc., and different sizes can be selected according to different needs. Choose plastic or stainless steel for beating egg basins. Plastic is less noisy, stainless steel is more durable.

Beat egg pot Pig Pig Baking House DIY

Stainless steel beaten egg pot pig baking house DIY

Manual whisk (importance ★★★★★)

It is one of the indispensable baking tools when making pastries, used to mix ingredients, stir, etc. Choose different sizes according to your actual needs. Generally, it is recommended to choose a whisk with steel wire. It can also be used to whip egg whites and cream creams, but the efficiency of whipping is not as high as that of electric whisks.

Manual whisk pig baking house DIY

Silicone spatula (importance ★★★★★)

Silicone spatula is one of the essential tools for baking. It can be used to stir various ingredients and also scrape the batter that clings to the wall of the bowl clean. Guaranteed recipe size.

Silicone spatula pig baking house DIY

Spatula pig baking house DIY

Heat-insulating gloves (importance ★★★★★)

Heat-insulating gloves are divided into two materials: silicone and cloth. Now the process has combined the two to make the outer silicone and the inner lining is cotton. It has the characteristics of comfortable wearing, high temperature resistance, slow thermal conduction, and can be taken out of the mold or tray directly from the oven after wearing to protect hands from burns.

Insulated gloves Pig Pig Baking House DIY

Flour sieve (importance ★★★★★)

Flour sieve is a tool used to filter baking materials and remove impurities, generally made of stainless steel. Ordinary mesh sieve can filter flour and liquid, of which semi-automatic flour sieve is used to screen powder materials more convenient and fast, and spill-proof and labor-saving. One of the powder sieves that is often mentioned is the number of meshes, the larger the mesh number, the denser the screen. For example, high quality requirements, such as macarons, etc., it is recommended to choose 60 mesh flour sieve, ordinary sifting can choose 30 mesh or 40 purposes.

Flour sieve pig pig baking house DIY

Semi-automatic flour sieve pig pig baking house DIY

Baking high-temperature oil paper (importance ★★★★★)

Baking high temperature oil paper, with oil-proof, waterproof, anti-stick characteristics, generally pad on the top of the baking tray or mold, to prevent food sticking to the mold is difficult to clean, baking paper price is relatively cheap, usually disposable use, like the previous steaming dumplings with steamer cloth is replaced by oil paper is an inevitable trend. Wrapping paper is also a kind of oil paper, which has different specifications and sizes.

Baking high temperature resistant oil paper pig pig baking house DIY

Oil-resistant paper for pastry Pig baking house DIY

Oven (importance ★★★★★)

The oven is indispensable in baking. No oven, no baking, you can see the importance of the oven. The oven is divided into household and commercial according to the use, and the button is divided into knob type and electronic type: the knob type is convenient to operate but the accuracy is low, and the electronic operation is slightly cumbersome, but the accuracy is high. The price of ovens ranges from hundreds to tens of thousands of yuan, the main difference is the large volume, the larger the oven, the more expensive. Stability is reflected in the accuracy of the temperature at different positions of the oven and the accuracy of the timer. The functions include hot air function, awakening function, steam function, heat preservation, and fork function. Entry-level home baking is recommended to choose more than 25L.

Oven Pig Pig Baking House DIY

Electronic scales Pig Baking House DIY

Manual whisk pig baking house DIY

Insulated gloves Pig Pig Baking House DIY

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