Get the rules of casual suit dressing and be handsome all autumn

Casual blazer + striped shirt + straight jeans

Footwear: Versatile panels

Many boys always clamore that they want to become handsome, but in fact, they don’t know what kind of degree of handsomeness they are; And it can’t get the current public aesthetic; Never mind that today get the rules of casual suit dressing and keep you handsome all fall! For this matching, choose a black casual blazer on the upper body, and the label design on the left chest is personalized and has a sense of design; Boys whose shoulder lines are not good enough, it is really necessary to get a casual blazer that can instantly make you have right-angled shoulders! Don’t layer white shirts anymore, choosing a shirt with blue stripes on a white background will make your outfit more attractive; Choose a pair of straight-leg jeans for the lower body, which is super inclusive of the leg shape; Shoes: Choose a splicboard shoe; Get this outfit, let you be handsome and stress-free!

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