Winter thick skirts are coming! Temperament and good-looking

I find that every time I share the outfit of the dress, the little cuties are particularly vocal.

After all, in winter, when most people choose pants to keep warm, and you change into a personable little skirt, who can stand in the crowd without taking a second look?

At this time, there is a little cutie to say, the skirt looks good, but it’s cold! Pi, you always say that wearing skirts in winter is worried about old cold legs, but we have bare legs artifacts, what are you afraid of! If you change into a long skirt, you can’t see how many pairs of autumn pants you wear underneath.

And not only warm, but also versatile, with the coat temperament elegant; Stylish and warm with cotton clothing; Wear it with a sweater for a languid and casual look… in a word

The style you want, it has it all.

It can be said that if you want to wear winter with peace of mind, it is necessary to have a few thick skirts in the wardrobe.

Didn’t I just share with you last week the skirts suitable for different body shapes, so after finding the right skirt,

How should different identities and occasions be matched?

Then look down! So that you can shine in winter without freezing people!



When it comes to the lower half of your outfit in the workplace, the first item that pops up in your mind must be pants! After all, compared with skirts, pants are smart and neat, which is very in line with the image of professional and practical workers in the workplace.

Today’s workplace is different, and you don’t need a suit, tie, and trousers at a glance. If the company does not have specific clothing requirements,

Decent and fashionable can actually go hand in hand.

The most hassle-free way to wear it is to choose a dress. But whether it’s a skirt or a pants, in the workplace, one thing is the same: simple and clean design and cut.

For example, this set of tonal outfits, its beauty is to ensure that it is generous and simple at the same time, but it will not make people feel dull, and it can also wear a fashionable attitude in ordinary workplaces.

The little cute who has just graduated and entered the workplace may still be a little childish, so it is not recommended to look with the above material that is more rigid, and the better way is to be formal

Add a little casual element to the decent.

Swapping your coat for a furry jacket is not too exaggerated, but rather shows a touch of current fashion.

Of course, you don’t have to be limited to the style of clothing, you can also start with color, such as choosing some colors, but pay attention to reducing saturation.

And these colors

Up to 50% of the whole body

, no more is a little too jumpy, not in line with the atmosphere of the workplace.



When I think back to my college days, one of the most painful things every day was waking up early. The time from getting up to the classroom is very tight, and there is no time to dress up, but I want to go to class dressed beautifully.

So when I was in school, I really liked the kind of combination that looked good without putting much effort into it.

When it comes to the most convenient piece, it is the sweatshirt. But many people actually wear jeans, and the result is: everyone has a sweatshirt, but they all wear the same.

Little cutie with superior leg conditions, be sure to try the matching of sweatshirt + short skirt, one long and one short, a sporty style, a sweet style,

Cute but not childish

, not to mention how eye-catching.

In weather like now, a cotton jacket has become the first choice for many fashionable elves, which not only enriches the layering of the shape, but also keeps warmer, and the temperature and demeanor are properly handled! The student party copied directly!

When I was a student, I was the time when there were the most styles of clothes, and I believe that everyone would have a pleated skirt in their wardrobe. With a vintage coat, you can also create a Vintage retro tone, which is simply too beautiful and solid to wear!

I don’t like this pure and immature preppy style, and the straight long skirt is a good choice. With a little hip wrapped design,

While conservative, it also shows a touch of femininity.

However, the threshold for driving a straight skirt is not low, and if you want to both modify your figure and dress fashionably, of course, you must follow the principle of “the tighter the skirt, the looser the top”.

For example, with a “big one” sweater, it can not only contain the meat in the belly, but also strengthen the sense of style of the shape. This kind of combination of upper and lower lengths is recommended for small children

Stuff half a corner

, tall and neat.

College is a key period to find the right style of dressing, don’t be afraid of mistakes, as long as you like it, you can try,

Think outside the box

Maybe a style that you overlooked unexpectedly suited you!



Many girls will dress themselves well before dating, but the “degree” is not well grasped, it is easy to exert too much force, too exaggerated and grand outfits will make the other party stressed, which is not a good sign.

It makes people feel

Simple, generous, natural, comfortable on the basis of adding a highlight to increase the memory point

is the best state. In other words, there must be a feeling of “dressed up and not dressed up”, emphasizing a kind of unintentional beauty!

For example, this knitted skirt, seemingly ordinary, without highlights, but I don’t know that the compact and short fit is its decisive move, outlining the slim body curve exudes sexy charm, very scheming!

There is also a velvet skirt, but it is a bit grand to wear alone, so it is recommended to put a basic coat on the outside, inadvertently revealing a piece of sexy velvet, which instantly wins the heart of the male god!

However, I think that when dating, white looks more comfortable and relaxing. This jacket-style dress is quite special, the warmth of the lamb fleece material is appropriate, and you can wear a bottom to go out fashionably.

The short dress I recommend the most is to match the boots, sweet and cool are combined just right, and it is too suitable for temperamental sisters.

Of course, short skirts still have certain requirements for the figure, listen to me, there are crotch width, big butt, thick thighs problems of cute, choose an A-line skirt! The modification of the body is called a must, fiercely promote the strengths and avoid the weaknesses!

Don’t rush to put away the white skirt in spring and summer, very

Suitable for neutralizing some tops with a large sense of volume

, thin and thick combination, so that the shape looks light and heavy, the main and secondary are clear.

If you want to wear a sense of premium, the same color matching is preferred, and the slight difference in the color scale brings a different drop beauty, which is the existence of “white moonlight” in the hearts of boys.

The skirt is not handsome and neat without pants, and the pants are not gentle and quiet without the skirt, and if you are tired of wearing pants, you may as well change into a skirt and go

Welcome to the bright colors of the whole winter

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