How strong is the car subwoofer that can shake off the bottoms?

Subwoofer also has a common way to play, that is, shock girl. Don’t have some obscene thoughts here, we’re really just playing with vibration

When it comes to hardcore car enthusiasts, what comes to mind? Is it a racing race for various modified cars? Or rough and subversive off-road pull? The extension of car culture is definitely not just a unit of measurement of speed, the limit of the car can be in speed or sound.

The essence of sound is air vibration, low frequency and large volume when the air vibration amplitude is relatively large, in order to make the verb sound medicine from psychological enjoyment to a full range of physical shock, when others change the appearance, change the power, there is a group of people they fill their car with speakers, today let’s talk about what the extreme car subwoofer can vibrate.

Simply put, these extreme super bass can basically shake you into Wu Laoer next door.

The frequency of sound that humans can hear is between 20Hz and 20000Hz, 20-40Hz and 40-80Hz are called super bass and heavy bass, low-frequency speakers are the basic framework of sound, there is no difference in this layer of operation blessing is like watching the same movie, you will be shocked by the roar of war in the blockbuster movie can not get up, and watching TV at home will be indifferently picking.

The extra bass makes the sound so powerful that you can’t tell which direction the sound is coming from, but you feel like you’re being shaken apart by the mass wall.

When you’re listening to a new song, suddenly the bass comes out of nowhere!

If the bass is to make the music more shocking, the drums more jumpy, then the following people are obviously out of play, super heavy bass under the assistance of powerful speakers, the huge sound pressure produced can not only shake people’s bottoms off…

The powerful sound of the car door turned into soft “lips”, and was shocked to begin to “open his mouth and curse”,

The glass, which was still intact for a second, was completely disintegrated the moment the bass appeared

The young man in New York, in order to better experience the power of the subwoofer, plucked up the courage to sit in the car, but was shocked and his heart exploded.

To drink vodka while driving, fighting ethnic guys who can bear with their bare hands, one second they are still smoking Kan Dashan, and the next second they are completely conquered by the power of the subwoofer – they are shaken into a mosaic, which their own mother does not recognize. This may be the legendary sound wave is too strong…

Jake, who lives in Minnesota, left a message on reddit: “I can’t say where the subwoofer is good, just on the snowy days in winter, I don’t need brushes and shovels to shovel snow for my car anymore.”

There is also a common way to play for ultra-high-quality subwoofers, which is to shock girls. Don’t have some obscene thoughts here, we’re really just playing with vibration. Foreigners call this hairtrick.

The specific operation is to invite some long-haired girls to sit in their cars and take them to experience a second-by-second dandruff advanced hair treatment. If the girl is wearing a skirt, it is even more operation…

With a car subwoofer, what is a Dyson hair dryer?

Well? What is it?

Killing Matt styling in one step, hair wax is not used. Just like Wang Feng’s song sings, “It’s the feeling of flying…”

It seems that unlike those stupid houses with headphones, the subwoofer can not only make people feel the great harmony of music, but also send an invitation to the girl to achieve life resonance together.

Thinking of this, I suddenly felt that those friends who spent a lot of money to install a car subwoofer exuded a witty light.

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