Yang Yang’s “honey hairstyle” seems to have just woken up, and the sweatshirt and denim vest are too warm, and it is too hot to look at



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Denim elements of clothing have a long history, originally as work clothes for gold diggers, but over time, they gradually entered the field of vision of the general public and were also designed by designers

A wide variety of costumes

, liked by many people.

Even now, both boys and girls, in

Own closet

There will always be one or two denim jackets or jeans. Celebrities are naturally no exception, Yang Yang’s “honey hairstyle” seems to have just woken up, and the sweatshirt and denim vest are too warm,

It’s too hot to look at,

Yang Yang really knows how to maintain health, and the sweatshirt and denim vest are too warm, but this hairstyle is a little strange.

For the matching of denim, everyone is also very familiar with and knows what elements

What style to go with

Today, let’s review those outfits with denim elements.

What are the denim clothes?

Denim shirt

Shirts, everyone basically wears the frequency is not low, a variety of materials and styles must have seen a lot, among which the most personalized should be

It’s a denim shirt


The shape of the denim shirt is not much different from the shirt that everyone wears every day, and the biggest difference is that its fabric is made of denim material, some

It’s a denim-blend

Some are pure denim materials, while others are coated with a layer of denim paint.

When purchasing, we should distinguish between them. The outside of the shirt, of course

Wear it with a blazer

Oh, but how can a mediocre style attract everyone?

Some suits are a patchwork of denim and suits, which makes the clothes look trendy and different to wear. Even if you choose a pair of suit pants and a pair of leather shoes for your bottoms, I believe it will be inexplicable to wear

Age-reducing mix-and-match style.


Jeans are the most used in jeans, which are restricted in age from a few years old to older grandparents, no matter who they are

A cool feeling

Jeans are generally divided into tight and loose versions, as a boy, try not to choose a slim fit, looking easy to make people feel “hot eyes”, on the contrary, loose wear, especially light colors, will

Very juvenile.

Wearing jeans, the rest of the clothes are casual, guys

You will find it very stylish

For example, you can choose a white T-shirt for your upper body, consistent with light-colored jeans, and then pair it with a T-shirt on the outside

Army green cargo jacket

, to make yourself look more handsome, but also more suitable for early autumn such weather. As for the matching of shoes, do not hesitate to choose a pair of white sneakers directly.

Denim jacket

Denim element clothes, and one is also very popular,

That’s the denim jacket

, denim jacket is a hot selling item in autumn, many matching is inseparable from it, not only wears very stylish, but also because its fabric will have a very good wind shield effect.

The most important thing about denim jackets is the sense of differentiation brought by color

, a darker color

It looks more suitable for mature boys, and lighter colors will be very suitable for younger boys.

If you want to wear denim all over your body, that

It’s not impossible either

, You can wear a white T-shirt, a denim jacket over the T-shirt, dark jeans, and then a pair of white daddy shoes

Look higher.

Which denim element is trendy?

Give the denim vest a try

There are really many styles of denim clothes, if you want to wear more personality on the basis of jeans, denim shirts and jackets, then I recommend you to choose

Denim jacket vest

This style of clothing is very similar to a denim jacket, but the most important difference is that it does not have two sleeves, and it is mainly worn for

Keep your body warm

It seems to be more inclusive than denim jackets,

More diversified,

Even if you wear a denim vest, you won’t affect too much of your underwear, it just serves as an icing on the cake.

How to match it will be more trendy

Wearing a denim vest, it’s not the end, after all

It has a relatively small effect

, The most important thing is what you wear in the vest.

Sweaters and sweatshirts are two important choices. If you want to be cooler, you might as well choose a sweatshirt, preferably white, and look at

People will be whiter

, also very age-reducing, the most important thing is to choose a hooded sweatshirt, take the hat out of the vest, look particularly layered.

If you choose a sweatshirt, you must not be without casual pants, the two of them together, will only make you wear

Look more stylish.

The color of the slacks, you don’t need to be too entangled, just choose the versatile black.

In this way, it will be in sharp contrast with the white sweatshirt, and you can also choose the shoes as white, and the overall color does not exceed three to look

Not particularly dazzling

Overall temperament

The style and fit of the clothes, although they are simple, too

It’s all commonplace

, but with just a denim vest, everything is different, cooler and more personal than it used to look.

Although it looks casual to wear, it is carefully distinguished

But there is a lot of success,

It can be seen that the depth of fashion skills, the whole will give people a feeling of being a rapper, but also a boy in adolescence, the more you look at it, the more people like it.

Tips for pairing denim elements

Choose denim style clothes

There are many types of denim-style clothes, so you are

Which one is the favorite

This? Boys are usually much easier to match than girls, and just trying to grasp one key point can make a big difference.

If the boys are also thinner, it is recommended to choose

A denim jacket

Or denim vests to divert everyone’s attention, on the contrary, if you have long legs, you must choose jeans.

Wear it with denim-style clothes

If you wear denim elements, it is best not to wear leather shoes, so that there will be one

false feelings,

Canvas shoes or sneakers will be more suitable and absolutely comfortable to wear. For other accessories, you can get a cross-body bag or sunglasses to make yourself look cooler.

What are the most commonly worn denim clothes? In addition to the above introduction, what other denim elements do you think there are?

Is it worth paying attention to?

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