In spring, small leg pants are worn like this, looking thin and tall

Slim small leggings can be described as the king of pants, absolutely versatile, this is a must-have style for everyone’s wardrobe, fashionable and simple outer leggings, versatile styles, all kinds of classic colors, with no sense of pressure. After changing into your gorgeous princess outfit, seductive leggings will not only make your body proportions instantly up, but also allow you to wear this season’s popular LOOK!

【With short comment】Very foreign cape-style knitted cardigan, thin style, casual and casual in the body, with a short vest, with a pair of ripped small leg pants, with perfect casual shoes, instantly transformed into a fashionable little trendy girl.

【With short comment】Spring this small long style is the most practical and versatile, with a pair of leggings, Bullock can wear out beautifully. Vintage, practical, versatile, very practical one.

【Short comment】Thin and elegant floral shirt + candy pink casual versatile small leg pants + thin trench coat jacket + pointed toe shallow single shoes. The sleeves of the coat are detachable, intimate and flexible, and the full set is pure and beautiful in color tones, bringing you the artistic touch of spring.

【With short comment】A set of minimalist matching in black and white contrast, a pure white sweater with an off-the-shoulder neckline, with slim black small leg pants, a pair of platform shoes with a wide top and a narrow bottom, fashionable and a little feminine.

【With short comment】Worn denim jacket with retro distressed design, loose and casual style, very foreign and versatile, with letter T-shirts, ripped leggings and casual booster shoes, Han Fan is full of casual charm.

【With short comment】Classic blue and white stripes, simple quartered sleeves crewneck T-shirt, bow ties to add a touch of sweetness, can be paired with candy-colored cardigans, in the matching white small leg pants, white single shoes, street fashion Korean style.

【With short comment】Korean version sweater with casual small leg pants, personalized loose bat sleeves, not bloated to wear, excellent flesh covering effect, showing charming feminine charm~

【With short comment】A sweatshirt with a particularly good upper body effect, a doll collar and a pure white shirt hem splicing, the taste of fake two pieces is the most fashionable, simple with a pair of light-colored slim small pants, a white flat single shoe, it will be more trendy!

【With short review】The long sweater jacket always gives a very warm feeling, white pencil pants, looking thin. Martin is suitable for spring outings and is very comfortable to wear.

【With short comment】Very simple and fashionable style, classic temperament decors, delicate small lapels, refreshing and capable, with white leggings, the overall is more refreshing.

【With short comment】Solid color loose and slim long-sleeved knitwear, paired with versatile white skinny slim pencil small-foot jeans, very simple temperament.

【With short comment】Break the conventional T-shirt design, unilateral off-the-shoulder, with some sexy and not exaggerated, vertical stripe panels at the hem, thin and versatile, with casual small leg pants, flat heel inner high shoes vitality fashionable!

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