The Korean version of the bat shirt can also be knitted by novices, and the upper body of the clothes works well

Thread: [Fallen Handmade Workshop] Rosalinda Phyllis Wool 06 Ocean Blue (Click to enter)

Dosage: 9 taels

With needle: Sanyan 8-gauge ring needle

Garment size: length 55, width 70, sleeve length 30, pattern width 15

Weaving method: (boat knitting process diagram supplement)

1. From 143 stitches to weave horizontally, after knitting 57 rows, open the collar at the 70th stitch, the collar is flat 52 rows, and then combine to knit 57 rows, the body piece ends.

2. The front piece of 54 needles start to put needles, every 4 stitches, respectively 55, 60, 65, 70 (collar row), 75, 80, 85, 90, the remaining 53 needles are the back. The needle placement method is detailed in this application process 7, the difference is that only one needle is removed in this garment.

3。 Leave the 72 stitches as cuffs, then use crochet needles to pull and stitch up the pieces on the back. The sleeve is 72 knitted two up and two down, minus 2 stitches per 6 rows.

4. The hem is circled knitting, pick 176 needles, knit two up and two down, every 6 rows, 6 knitting ship needles, the boat needle diagram is as follows, and the process diagram of the ship needle will be made up later. A total of 52 rows are woven at the hem, 4 sets of boat needles.

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