Solo Qingxia: Original stick pin dress small vest group (with knitting illustration)

In the small courtyard, the wind was moving between the fences, and I sat alone.

Pour a cup of clear tea, slow time, eat tea and hold the line low,

Weaving tirelessly walks in the cool summer days.

——Suitable tea gathering

『 Solo Qingxia 』


(skirt) 565 g (small vest) 120 g

With needles:

(Sanyan brand) No. 9, No. 10, No. 12


The deep basket, the color is full of earthy flavor, when I first picked it up, perhaps because of its mysterious coolness attracted me, I spent the whole of July, searching, the appearance of this two-piece vest dress to make the July day more beautiful

Weaving instructions:

I put my mind into the apron-style tie at the back, which can be loose or tight, adjusted according to my mood, and the openwork pattern also added to the spirit of the clothes, I am the hostess of the small courtyard, tied the belt, and began to serve flowers and plants.

Other matters are marked in the hand-drawn drawing, today

No more repeating codewords.

• end •

Author | Suitable for tea gathering

Weaving instructions:

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