Very beautiful and beautiful window screen How to calculate the price?

What is a window screen? How to choose a window screen? A layer of yarn, a layer of cloth, what do you say?

1. What is a window screen

Window screen, that is, a very thin cloth, a very thin cloth with chemical fiber as raw material, generally matched with curtain cloth, a layer of cloth, a layer of yarn.

2. What are the production processes of window screens?

Similar to the production process of curtain cloth, the process of making window screen mainly includes printing, jacquard, embroidery, yarn-dyed, dyeing, hot stamping, rotten flowers, etc.

3. What is the function of the window screen?

The function of curtains is mainly reflected by curtains and curtains, and the functions of curtains have commonality, such as protecting privacy, adjusting indoor light and decorative functions. In addition, the window screen has some additional functions, such as: heat insulation, one-way perspective, UV protection, antibacterial and mildew and so on.

4. How to buy window screens?

The purchase of curtains should consider the style of interior design, and the purchase of window screens should also consider the style of the overall home decoration. At present, there are eight main interior design styles: new Chinese, neo-classical, American country, Mediterranean, European classical, modern avant-garde, modern simplicity, and elegance. For more information, please refer to the official website of Tessa Exquisite Tessa – Curtain Color Matching.

5. How to calculate the price of window screen?

The window screen has wide and narrow width, and the width calculation formula is: window width * multiple * unit price = amount; Narrow width calculation formula: window width * multiple / width (1.45 meters) = number of frames * (finished height + 30 cm) * unit price = amount.

6. What are the types of window screens?

According to the fabric, production process and overall style, the window screen can be divided into: polyester window screen, cotton window screen, hot stamping window screen, rotten flower window screen, jacquard window screen, European window screen, pastoral style window screen, water-soluble window screen and so on.

7. How to choose window screens

Shop by color:

a. The plain curtains and dark curtains are transformed into each other, with a soft tone that is somewhat shiny.

b. White, eternal color. It complements curtain combinations of any color, expressing and respecting nature.

c. Soft and translucent tones loom and leave. This color combination reflects the innovation of new technologies, new energy and new materials. The ingenious combination of light and shadow brings noble and beautiful enjoyment to people’s eyes and minds.

d. Warm light yellow has a strong sense of technology, easy to spin electric silver, heat insulation, light transmission, anti-ultraviolet, one-way perspective, effectively protect privacy.

Shop by function

With a minimalist style to unify different elements, thermal insulation, anti-ultraviolet, one-way perspective, privacy protection, so that the product has different levels of contribution and expression, but also avoid the illusion of dazzling.

Thermal insulation window screen, anti-ultraviolet window screen, one-way perspective window screen

Aesthetic needs give way to functionality and practicality, and colorful natural colors make the room more pure, noble and comfortable.

Decoration Especially choose a window screen with good light transmission, anti-ultraviolet rays, heat insulation and heat insulation to protect the skin from ultraviolet rays while enjoying natural light and promoting bone development.

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