What is the king of the white shirt in early autumn? 4 coats + 9 ways to wear them, both look good for casual commuting

#白衬衫怎样搭配, can be fashionable, elegant, very goddess#

Received a fan question the other day:”

How to match a white shirt to be fashionable, elegant and very goddess

”。 Everyone has a white shirt, but many people don’t like or even get tired of it




, that only means that you can’t ride.

Everyone should have seen how to match a white shirt with bottoms, and today we will talk about it

White shirt


Do the inner layer

It’s just right!

White shirt + vest

In this lukewarm early autumn,

Shirt + waistcoat

The match is really too suitable for even fashionistas to resist.

It may be raining more frequently, and you can obviously feel the drop in temperature, so you can wear a camel over your shirt

Knitted vest

。 Shirts and vests belong

Silhouette fit

, not picking people to wear at all.

And the shoulders of the vest are a little

Small dropped shoulders

, will not appear wide shoulders, visually quite thin, mainly in this way to build out very foreign.


It also defines the neck line.

Pair it with one at this time


It really couldn’t be more appropriate to wear it,”

Wide top and narrow bottom

“The way to wear it easily helps you wear long legs.

The versatility of a white shirt is not blown, you can see that such a retro pattern vest with a white shirt can be worn



Wide-leg pants

Wear, the overall style is gendered.

This kind of wearing method without tucking the hem is also quite good for daily wear, and the sisters who are worried about appearing short have to work the pants, which is preferred

Drape feeling

Fabric, length can

Cover the feet

, the effect is very good.

In addition to knitted vests, there is “

Small fragrant wind

“The vest can be selected, this is a classic woven model, it is made of tweed material Oh, and it has a blingbling effect under the light.

Wear it with a white shirt because of the different fabrics, so it’s easy to wear out


。 Black of the bottom

Pleated skirt

It’s really classic to pair with a white shirt.

White shirt + trench coat

Autumn trench coats always give the impression of being elegant and capable, and this impression is mostly given by a white shirt underneath. For example, the following outfit.


Tooling style

The trench coat I feel is the most suitable color

Army green

Well, the length of this trench coat I feel is especially suitable for small girls, just covering the butt, not pressing the figure.

It has it at the waist of the trench coat


design, tightened to highlight the waistline. It is an eye-catching trick to expose the neckline and cuffs of a white shirt underneath like I did.

If you also have a similar trench coat, it is recommended that you wear a tight one

Little black pants

, Under the hem of the trench coat, it can define your leg shape well, and the principle is the same as the A-line skirt.

White shirt match

Short trench coat

It looks good, and there is no problem with a long trench coat. The trench coat is directly worn with a vest and a white shirt, is there one

Sassy and A

What does it feel like?

This is what I prepared for late autumn

Commuting attire

, and then carried a large bag, and the sister who liked it hurriedly collected it.

White shirt + denim jacket

Blue and white matching

Can make you full of favorability, and the good effect of reducing age, the pair of CP of white shirt and denim jacket I must “lock” it.

Find a standard-fit denim jacket in your closet and put it over a white shirt, with the neckline and cuffs turned out to create a layered feel.

The combination of denim jacket and white shirt gives a very casual feeling, and the corners of the shirt are not stuffed all at once, like this, half tucked and half exposed.

The bottom is paired with a pair of small leg pants and shows off the leg length. If the waist line is not obvious enough, put one on your back

Chain bag

, the effect of emphasizing the waist line is also very good.

White shirt + leather jacket

Are you tired of wearing a white shirt and suit, so try this handsome imitation leather suit. It has the touch of a small lambskin. The thin padded shoulders give you right-angled shoulders in no time.

The loose fit happens to be my favorite


feeling. Inside

White shirt

, classic

Black and white combination

。 The pants are also tight little black pants, which is simply a gospel for slightly fat girls.

When wearing this outfit, even the bags and shoes are black, so I like it

Cool style

Little sister, I believe you can’t wait!

The white shirt is such a versatile and not easy to make mistakes, do you have a pick of these coats I wear?

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