Immortal forest sugar: sweet but not greasy, soft and hard moderate In the early nineties, it was popular in the north and south

China Xiaokang Net Bulao Lin Candy is a specialty of Huanggu District, Shenyang City, Liaoning Province. Very popular candy, Shenyang specialty, once popular in the early nineties, is usually a must-have candy for the Spring Festival.

The main ingredients are syrup, starch, various dried nuts, which taste delicious and sweet, and are loved by old people and children. Packaged in plastic paper with colored strips, the front features the head of inventor Lin Ruifeng.

Bulao Lin Sugar is a candy exclusively created by Lin Ruifeng, the “Northern Sugar Master”, based on the exquisite sugar making technology and experience he has learned all his life, and is the main product in the Bulao Lin series of candies. This product has a history of 20 years since its birth in 1988.

Its high-quality and fine materials, exquisite craftsmanship, mellow and smooth taste, and sweet aftertaste, have been popular throughout the country and won a large number of awards in the past 20 years, and are the hometown specialties that Shenyang people are proud of. Ingredients: white sugar, glucose, condensed milk, cocoa, peanut rice, etc. Unique taste, sweet but not greasy, soft and moderate, suitable for all ages, really do not eat do not know, eat will not forget!

The Ageless Lin Crispy Candy Series is another masterpiece of Master Lin Ruifeng, which is the first mechanically formed short-candy in China’s sugar industry, and its sugar body is pressed with the word Ageless Lin, which is more national patent. Bulao Lin Crispy Candy is not only advanced in technology and unique in shape, but also has a sweet and crispy taste and a long aftertaste.

The Bulao Lin Fruit Candy series adopts traditional Russian craftsmanship, and its unique syrup aroma contains a strong exotic style. This product is sweet and sour, full of fruity aroma, and is deeply loved by consumers.

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