New fashionable and personalized boots for autumn and winter, warm and comfortable, classic and versatile!

Korean version fashion, soft leather, fluff single inside to choose, warm and breathable, sole cow tendon sole soft and wear-resistant, great workmanship, absolutely classic fashion

Classic popular all over the world, personalized double-layer tassel design, modern and flexible atmosphere and exude a retro plot, elegant but not dull, pure handmade tassel accessories embellishment, attracting envious eyes, full of flexible wild temperament, very decorative leg shape, elongated leg proportions within the height of tassel women’s boots!

It is moderately heightened inside the shoe, supplemented by curves and elastic forms, so it is safe and comfortable to wear, without the cumbersome discomfort of ordinary high heels, and the height immediately increases by 5-14 cm, making people feel tall and majestic, demeanor and radiance.

Another wave of severe cold strikes, but it will not hinder the pace of simple fashion, and the thick pile inside protects the most important feet of MMs, protects its temperature, and soothes fatigue. The side tassels dance softly, and the different dance steps are still enchanting.

Korean version fashion, soft leather, non-slip beef tendon outsole, wear-resistant and pressure-resistant, elastic, casual and versatile, suitable for any place to wear, comfortable flat heel invisible to lift the body while not tired feet, workmanship is great Oh, absolutely classic fashion

Fine workmanship, quality assurance, simple and generous style, high grade! Block heel design, stable and comfortable, classic black, high heel versatile.

Comfortable to wear and classy. The heel height can effectively lengthen the leg line, highlight the slim figure, and the waterproof platform design effectively reduces the pressure brought by the high heel, so that the wearing is comfortable and not tired.

The first layer of cowhide, short plush, rubber sole, block heel 8cm, lapel side zipper can make the short boot instantly turn into a mid-tube boot, providing more choice for friends with imperfect legs. The effect of the upper foot is extremely handsome, and it also sets off the calf extra slender, which is very suitable for naked boots or small leg pants.


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