High-waisted straight-leg jeans look good with what top

Casual style wear is indispensable to the matching of jeans, denim style, straight silhouette is a more classic and very durable fit, because whether it is tall or short, straight lines can make people look more straight and extended, and denim fabric with hard stiffness can better modify the legs, so straight jeans are easy to show tall and thin versatile items.

Next, let’s learn how to wear high-waisted straight-leg jeans by a group of fashionistas.

look1 white sweater + blue high-waisted straight-leg jeans + German boots

High-waisted jeans to wear:

A simple basic model that is a favorite of everyday life. White knitwear is a universal item in the autumn wardrobe, in addition to daily wear, late autumn layering or making shawls are very practical, when worn alone, unbuttoning one or two buttons up and down will look very thin, the lower body with high-waisted straight-leg jeans, too friendly to the pear-shaped body, the fitting design of the hips is absolutely amazing, showing thin legs. Pull up the legs and pair them with the new German training shoes.

look2 yellow short jacket + white suspenders + light blue high-waisted denim cropped pants + nude shoes

High-waisted jeans wearing: simple and comfortable matching, the top is a yellow round neck small fragrant short jacket, the short style is easy to wear and versatile, the color is gentle and very white, with a white small suspender bottom, the lower body is light blue high-waisted denim straight pants, the cut + raw edge design of the pants is fashionable full of points, cropped pants long exposed ankles with nude metal buckle shoes.

look3 light khaki suit + blue shirt + blue high-rise straight-leg split cropped jeans + black canvas shoes

The quality of the blue shirt is really good, I still love it after wearing it for more than half a year, treasure men’s shirt! With a light khaki blazer is very outstanding, the lower body of high-waisted denim straight leg nine-split pants, the leg shape is really NB, but also very temperamental, cropped split design with black canvas shoes.

look4 small fragrant jacket + white crewneck shirt + blue high-waisted straight-leg jeans + white boots

High-waisted jeans outfit: This one is full

Full of rituals, instant style. The top is a small fragrant jacket, a piece of heavy work, the upper body is very lady-style, with a white crewneck shirt underneath, tied with an off-white thin belt, the lower body is blue high-waisted straight-leg jeans + white boots, the upper body of the pants fragrant wind pocket design and the top echo, with a milk tea knitted hat, a set is super suitable for autumn.

look5 light khaki trench coat + striped knit underneath + blue high-rise wide-leg jeans + platform shoes

The trench coat covers the flesh in autumn. Worn with a smart and imposing outfit, this light khaki trench coat fits just above the knee, exposing the calf and even higher. Layered with a classic striped knit bottom, the lower body is a high-waisted blue wide-leg jeans, the shape of the pants covers the flesh to show the thin legs, and the feet wear thick-soled shoes, a set of matching is very Korean style sister style,

look6 blue denim shirt + denim high waisted wide-leg pants + red-brown loafers + red striped shawl

A set of denim wear, a set of denim is recommended to have a slightly different color saturation up and down, so that the sense of layering is stronger, with a red striped shirt, red and blue CP wearing carefully, so that the whole set of looks looks more layered.

look7 Sweet potato purple V-neck knit shorts + blue high-waisted straight-leg micro-flared jeans + sneakers

Sweet potato purple light looks very comfortable and healing color. The first time I tried to wear this color of clothes, the soft texture of the clothes is really comfortable, I didn’t expect to match with blue jeans, the overall feeling is hugely gentle! With the new bag, the whole color system looks really comfortable. Early autumn is the season for many colors.

look8 gray collar thin sweatshirt + light blue high-waisted straight-leg denim cropped pants + black lacquered shoes

High-waisted jeans wearing: a set of early autumn American matching, the top is an American collar gray thin sweatshirt, a slightly loose fit is tucked into the waist to show the proportions of the body, the lower body chooses light blue high-waisted wide-leg straight-leg denim cropped pants, wearing white socks and black lacquered casual shoes.

High-waisted jeans to wear:

High-waisted jeans to wear:

High-waisted jeans to wear:

High-waisted jeans to wear:

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