Autumn most wants a corduroy shirt jacket

The material of corduroy,

Because of the material characteristics of the pit strip, it gives people a warm look, and it keeps warm when worn. If you want to wear a casual feeling in autumn, choose the best corduroy material, in addition to coats, there are many widely used style recommendations!

Corduroy is recommended for autumn and winter wear with high thermal insulation effect

It is also fashionable to add corduroy elements to the decoration of shoes, bags, etc

Corduroy shirt jacket

【1】Brown corduroy shirt × white underneath× black flower stem skirt

A vintage sweet black-bottomed skirt with a corduroy shirt and booties to create an autumn look. Sweet pieces with autumn accents can also be worn casually on your days off.

【2】White corduroy shirt × khaki underneath× white flower handle skirt

The VINTAGE-style floral skirt and the military-style corduroy shirt jacket are combined with this season’s atmosphere, and the light khaki outfit gives a sense of taste and favorability. The turtleneck undershirt is controlled because of the exposed muscle, and the lightness of the creation needs to be emphasized ♡

[3] Army green corduroy jacket× blue undershirt× black flower-handled skirt

A corduroy jacket with an autumn feel and a lightweight vest undershirt. The botanical print details of the skirt are characteristic. The relatively brighter blue vest gives a sense of fashion.

【4】Brown corduroy shirt× black undershirt × jeans

Loose corduroy shirt jacket with caramel color for a more stylish load. Coupled with the sense of quality of the dark blue undershirt, the elite atmosphere of the outfit.

Corduroy bottoms

White sweater× blue corduroy skirt × gray booties

The knit with ties on the back, the gentle color is very sexy. The ice blue skirt made of corduroy material is sweet and has the gentleness of a sassy feminine ♡ outfit, and gray booties are used to match the sex OK.

Corduroy gadgets

Khaki sweater× flower handle skirt × brown corduroy single shoes

A cute knit that is simple and warm, and the olive color gives a refined atmosphere. VINTAGE’s small flower stem skirt matches, sweet and moderate mature GIRLY style. Plush bags and corduroy shoes, the material is full of warmth and seasonal atmosphere.

Corduroy material appears ♡ in a variety of styles in autumn and winter wear Whether it is the most commonly used coat, a skirt or pants that highlight your personality, or small things such as bags and shoes, you can try these cute elements!

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