Sesame oil is also adulterated? Address expert reminder: cautious buy bulk sesame oil

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Recently, the State Market Supervision Bureau announced the “Xingtai City Market Supervision Bureau of Hebei Province investigated the production and sales of Hebei Kawr Edible Oil Co., Ltd.”, the subjects mixed with lower corn oil, soybean oil, cottonseed oil, formed “Red Oil”, the “red oil”, blending ethyl defraud, ethyl maltol, and pretending to be pure sesame oil sales, and it has attracted the company’s extensive attention. . So, what is sesame oil? What harm is there in a sesame oil? How do consumers choose? The reporters of these issues have interviewed the deputy dean of Chongqing Food and Drug Inspection and Testing Research Institute, and the senior engineer Chen Shiqi, and two experts from Wuhan Food Cosmetics Inspection Institute and senior engineer.

First, definition and standard regulations

Sesame, also known as lipid, flax, has a unique fragrance, high fat content, high oil volume of 55%, has a certain drug value. Sesame is often used to taste or dotted dishes, and it can also be made into a variety of processed foods. The most common is sesame oil and sesame sauce.

Sesame oil is also known as sesame oil, sesame oil, is a special flavor from sesame, is a seasoning season in daily life, often used in hot pot oil discs, cold dishes. “Sesame Oil” (GB / T 8233-2018) Standard: Sesame oil is a grease produced by sesame seeds, and other food oils and non-edible oils are not necessarily doped, and any flavors and spices may not be added.

Ethyl fragrate, ethyl maltol is a food savivable agent, which is the food additive allowed by food safety National Standard Food Additives (GB 2760-2014), which has the use of food additives that make up for food itself, give or strengthen the original There is a flavor function that can be used in some foods, but it is not allowed to be added in plant oils.

Second, the dangers of fake sesame oil

If several food safety standards that meet the food safety standards, such as soybean oil, corn oil, cottonseed oil, sesame oil, etc., are packaged into “sesame oil”, “sesame oil” and other products, and there is no clear food. Security Risk. However, the yellow bellopyrin exceeding the batch of sesame oil produced by Hebei Kitchen Wear Oil Co., Ltd. Aquatoxin is a strong carcinogen, and can induce acute or chronic liver injuries. The eating oil that has a long-term edible yellowlaxin exceeding the standard is more harmful to the human body.

Production, sales of counterfeit sesame oil disturbed the market order, seriously damaged consumer’s economic interests and the right to informed, and strikes and prohibit harsh.

Third, sesame oil purchase precautions

Consumers are common in the market, sesame oil, sesame oil, sesame todped oil, of which sesame oil is made of sesame oil and other vegetable grease, not sesame oil. When consumers buy sesame oil, they can be judged through “a three-capped price”.

one look. First look at the color, pure sesame oil is red or orange, the machine squeezing oil is light than the small grinding oil, and the sesame oil is incorporated into the oil. The color is dark, and the cottonseed oil is black; after reading the ingredients, ingredients Form ingredients should be “sesame” or “sesame oil”, which cannot be other oils or other varieties of vegetable oils. The ingredients are sesame oil, corn oil, rapeseed oil and sunflower oil species, belong to sesame todping and oil, not sesame oil.

Two smells. Pure sesame oil is rich in pure, while sesame tunes and oil sesame flavors are lighter; sesame todped with flavors of flavors of flavors and oils have more exciting abnormal aroma.

Three ratios. Pure sesame oil is expensive, generally around 50 yuan / kg, sesame tonar and oil prices are relatively inexpensive. If the price of pure sesame oil is much lower than the market price, it is possible to be sesame oil that is sesame and fool-free or fragrant.

Two experts suggest that consumers are purchasing, try to have a formal sales of food business licenses, purchase the preparation of the preparation of the production enterprises, try not to buy “squeezing” “squeezing” bulk in mobile stalls. Sesame oil, pay attention to check the ingredients, production licenses and other information.

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