3 old era walking bikes, the lowest is less than 10,000, the range is 120 kilometers, suitable for the elderly aged 60~70

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Suitable for the elderly to travel means of transportation, relatively few, in these fewer can choose the model, four-wheel electric vehicle is a more ideal choice, such an old era walking car, it has a comfortable space, has a simple operation, and most importantly, it has a relatively cheap purchase price, small connoisseurs to introduce 3 models, the lowest less than 10,000, endurance 120 kilometers, I think it is more suitable for 60 ~ 70 years old seniors, used to pick up and drop off children, their own shopping for vegetables, bending the model.

Paragraph 1: Longqi City Babe

From the appearance point of view, the shape of this car is consistent with the classic old era walking car, but its beautiful color, making it full of vitality, very suitable for picking up babies, and from the size point of view, the size of the whole car is 2300×1130×1600, in the four-wheel electric vehicle is a relatively small model, the body weight is only about 450 kg, but even so, it is designed as a 4-seater, to ensure that the vehicle can pick up the baby, family travel practicality.

In terms of power and range

: This car because of the price is very affordable, low to high configuration are less than 10,000, its power performance will be slightly worse, equipped with a 100W power DC brushless motor, the maximum climb is 30 degrees, the maximum speed is 45 km / h; In terms of battery, the high-end version is equipped with a 60V60AH battery, which can last about 100 kilometers.

Security configuration aspects

: The vehicle is equipped with relatively high safety rear disc brakes, which can effectively shorten the braking distance, increase the sensitivity of the brake, and make the vehicle drive safer; The tire is a higher specification 400-10 vacuum tire, thickened and widened, wear-resistant and anti-puncture.

Other configuration aspects

: The surface of the vehicle is metal paint of automobile craftsmanship, with bright colors, more texture; The whole vehicle includes headlights, fog lights, and ceiling lights, all of which are LED lights and shine farther; The vehicle’s multimedia large screen supports radio, MP4, reversing image, and mobile phone interconnection technology experience; In addition, there are practical features such as simulated leather seats, electric heaters, and comfortable shock absorption.

Paragraph 2: Dayang Xinneng S8

Dayang is a brand with high visibility, this car from the appearance point of view, European styling design, with silhouette lines, the vehicle overall small and stylish, and in terms of size, the vehicle size of 2300×1250×1500mm, is and the previous model of similar size, and the two-door four-seat design, but also to ensure the practicality of work, shopping, picking up children, leisure.

: The vehicle is equipped with a brushless motor with 1500W power, with a maximum speed of 50 km / h, and in terms of endurance, the 60V71AH maintenance-free lead-acid battery can ensure a range of about 120 km on a single charge.

Security aspect

: The body of the vehicle adopts a “birdcage structure”, and the fully loaded integrated body can quickly distribute the force to the whole vehicle and improve the safety of the vehicle; The four-wheel disc brakes equipped with the vehicle allow each wheel to ensure the sensitivity of the brakes; The configuration of vacuum tires has made a basic guarantee for driving safety.

Additional configuration security

: As a big brand product, it is still very careful in configuration, internal design, vehicle configuration automotive steering wheel, with multimedia audio-visual, reversing image, Bluetooth, radio broadcast integrated intelligent entertainment system, improve driving experience; In addition, there are practical features such as comfortable leather-adjustable seats, powerful warm air, and USB charging ports.

Paragraph 3: Campbell X7

This car from the appearance point of view, is different from the above 2 models, from the appearance point of view, the front of the vehicle is a double drum grille design, with a difference, and the four-door design, so that it is no different from the car, in terms of size, the vehicle size of the vehicle is 3100× 1450×1580mm, with a larger size, but also let it have a better spacious space, the maximum can carry 5 people, to meet the needs of the whole family.

: The vehicle is equipped with a 4000W high-power silent AC motor, the maximum climb can reach 60 degrees, and the maximum speed is 55 km / h, in terms of endurance, the vehicle is equipped with 120AH lithium battery, which can achieve a single charge of 150 km mileage.

: The vehicle is equipped with four-wheel disc brakes, which is basically the “ceiling” of the old era walking car safety braking method; The vehicle has anti-slip function to avoid potential safety hazards caused by misoperation; This car is especially car-shaped, which is equipped with automotive-grade seat belts to ensure the safety of the vehicle’s occupants.

: Campbell X7 is the most complete of these 3 cars, the vehicle is equipped with a 7-inch display screen as standard, supports reversing image, audio and video entertainment system, the vehicle is equipped with electric doors and windows, electric heater, adjustable seats, and ensures the driving experience; In addition, the vehicle also supports optional air conditioning and heating, which doubles the driving comfort of the vehicle, and can be equipped with an optional fuel generator range extender to make the vehicle last.

The above 3 four-wheel electric vehicles, they are not the same, some have low prices, less than 10,000 prices, some have good endurance, can run 150 kilometers on a single charge, some are big brands, have better quality, can match different car needs, in general, can solve the 60 to 70 years old age group, in the travel needs, but as a four-wheeled electric vehicle, if more than 70 years old, it is not recommended to choose.

So, these 3 four-wheel electric vehicles, do you think the price, range, matching, which one is more attractive for the elderly? Everyone is welcome to comment and exchange.

In terms of power and range

In terms of power and range

Security configuration aspects

Other configuration aspects

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