In winter, it is really necessary to come to the same He Chaolian, the vest is not expensive but also temperamental, with wide-leg pants fashionable and foreign

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#Life has temperature#

#Winter Life Season#

Many girls want to dress fashionably, but they are worried that the outfit is too luxurious to show the earthy atmosphere, do not want to wear too expensive, and want to show temperament, what should they do?

In winter, you can try the wear of vests, down vests have become a popular fashion item for young people, compared with down jackets, down vests are more simple, and can be optimized with the underwear, showing comprehensive charm.

The vest is fluffy, coupled with the filling of the down fabric, the sense of fluffiness is strong, the main body shape is hidden, the effect of showing thinness and strengthening the aura is much stronger than that of conventional down jackets.

The vest can be combined with a variety of types of items, it is easy to wear a sense of fashion trend in winter, if you want to increase the charm of dressing, it is better to try He Chaolian the same style.

He Chaolian wears a vest and is quite foreign, with a small green hat is quite swaggering, with neat short hair has a rich and noble aura. In winter, it is really necessary to come to the same He Chaolian, the vest is not expensive but also temperamental, with wide-leg pants fashionable and foreign.

He Chaolian: The combination of down vest and leather pants

The style of the down vest

The down vest is fluffy, comfortable and warm, the wide shoulder design enhances the trend appeal, and the extension of the shoulder position allows the vest design to show

Oversized effect

, showing the chic and handsome of neutral wear.

The wide shoulder style also hides the shoulders and strengthens

Slimming effect

, and performance

Dress with personality

, the slimming effect is obvious, making the upper body more delicate, with a variety of fashion charm and temperament characteristics.

A combination of a down vest and a knitted underwear

The wide down vest is not suitable for pairing, and it also has both

Wide features

otherwise it will look very bloated, and the body advantage is difficult to present.

The slim underwear is also very comfortable to wear, and it can also contrast with the looseness of the down vest, making the outfit look more temperamental. The knitted underwear is perfect for lightweight knitwear under a down vest

Simple and stylish

, does not affect the wearing effect, but also increases the attractiveness.

Combination of down vest and leather pants

The combination of down vest and leather pants is enhanced

Wearing quality

, which became the most attractive part of the overall shape and laid the main style.

Leather pants are not traditional skinny leather pants,

Simple and loose

The leather pants can make the wearing image easy and highlight the outfit

Age-reducing feeling

, enhance the aura but not show age, the outfit will not look too mature.

The combination of down vest, knitwear and leather pants maintains the charm of black and white design, and the color is classic and atmospheric, but not picky. However, there is a lack of trend charm in the dressing, and the matching of green baseball caps adds image color, making the outfit more eye-catching, and the age-reducing effect is very strong, so a hat in the style sometimes looks particularly advanced.

Other vest outfits of He Chaolian

Frock down vest with T-shirt

The frock down vest is even more visible

Androgynous fashion sense

, and the outfit is particularly practical, on the vest


It can be packed with a lot of things, and it is especially convenient to wear it in winter, and you can directly omit handbags, and the outfit is simple and free.

The cargo down vest is suitable for neutral style casual matching,


You can combine the image effect with trendy charm, and although the pieces are not outstanding, they are twice as fashionable to match. OversizedT-shirts are longer than vests, and the length is not only not sloppy, but also magnified

Neutral wind

of fashion advantages.

The bottom can be combined with corset

Tooling style


Sporty wind

The temperament fusion highlights the comprehensive style of dressing, corset pants

The waistband is tightened

The cuffs are tightened

, the outfit is very neat, and it is not bloated under the T-shirt.

The legs are for the figure

Overall optimization effect

Especially obvious, slightly fat or thick legs can also be hidden, wearing vitality, but also can show comprehensive temperament.

Frock down vest with undershirt

Frock down vests are also available


The matching form, that is, the undershirt in the down vest,

Printed undershirt

It is a trendy item in recent years, because it is light and slim, so it is suitable for matching with different types of clothing.

Paired with a down vest, it can highlight the slenderness of the figure as much as possible and make the outfit express


The undershirt is printed to enhance the sense of fashion and attractiveness, and it will not affect the charm of the down vest.

Loose vests are either matched


, or collocation

Wide-leg pants

Come to wear, the corset pants are more neat, appear casual and casual, and the temperament is more gentle. The wide-leg pants, on the other hand, look imposing and have a stylish personality.

The vest is simple and fashionable, the warmth is still relatively strong, the daily wear is very personal, women in their twenties and thirties to forties and fifties can match it this way, and reducing the sense of age will not affect the aura.

There are many ways to match vests, and knitwear, undershirts or T-shirts and other common casual combinations can be combined, wide vests are suitable for slimming or tight underwear, the effect of thinning is obvious, and the proportion of all aspects can be optimized, so that the temperament of wearing has been greatly improved. Mastering vest dressing skills is not difficult to become a trendy.

Master the seasonal fashion elements and become a sophisticated dresser! Don’t play tall, only talk about the most down-to-earth dry goods skills, let you get closer and closer to fashion. Welcome to share fashion insights and insights!

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