Lamentable! Taiwanese girl “imprisoned” by stepfather’s biological mother for three years The windows were sealed with tape

Taoyuan District Prosecutor’s Office (Data picture Source: Zhongshi Electronic News)

Overseas network August 19 news

According to Taiwan’s “Zhongshi Electronic News”, a man in Taiwan believed that his stepdaughter did not obey discipline, and even collaborated with his biological mother to “imprison” the girl on the second floor of his residence for three years, and even the windows were taped to her, allowing her to live a miserable life in the dark. Prosecutors from the Taoyuan District Prosecutor’s Office took the couple to court, angrily denouncing them as parents, with a bad attitude and no remorse, and recommended that the local court impose a heavy sentence.

According to reports, after the 42-year-old man surnamed Zhang married the 37-year-old woman surnamed Yu, he became the stepfather of the girl surnamed Zhang. Zhang Nan believed that the girl was not subject to discipline, and since September 2015, the couple locked their daughter, who was only 15 years old at the time, in a small room on the second floor of the residence, sealed the only external window of the room, and only regularly sent her food and daily necessities, depriving the girl of her freedom of movement for three years.

It wasn’t until October last year that the local mayor heard from nearby residents that a girl was “imprisoned” in the house, so he called the police to investigate and rescued her from the dark room. The couple admitted that the girl had not been able to leave the small room on her own for three years, and even the windows were sealed with tape. The girl also fell ill from prolonged violence.

The prosecution believes that the couple, as parents, should have protected and cared for their daughter, but they did not expect that they would be detained for a long time in the name of discipline, causing significant harm to the girl’s physical and mental development, and they had no remorse and bad attitude after committing the crime, and recommended that the judge impose a heavier sentence. (Overseas Network Zhou Xuan)

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