American pastoral cotton and linen blackout curtains Korean craftsman curtain art

Where is the good

American rural idyllic, spiritual sanctuary under the busy city.

Interweaving multiple raw materials, feel the American culture born in the great blend.

The pattern is fresh and lively, and the natural field atmosphere is full of faces.

Design highlights

Plants, geometry, stripes, coils… With looming stick figures and dark green, a picture of an American countryside is sketched on cotton and linen fabric. The blend of simplicity and modernity, the collision of city and field, and the convergence of nature and humanities, is probably the best summary of the rural culture of the young United States itself. Energetic and has its own precipitated savings, vigorous and upward, there is no lack of tranquility and peace.

Material parsing

The whole cotton and linen is blended with flocking, polyester, fiber, hemp yarn and other raw materials, which has both the texture of cotton and linen and the smoothness of fiber polyester. The mix of elements is like the United States born from the fusion of multiple cultures, and the natural raw materials are more close to the countryside than to the complex city with many houses. It is a spiritual sanctuary in the midst of the complex world. The light yellow curtain filters the delicate warm sun, and life returns to its true nature at this moment.

Brand story

Founded in 2013, Hanjo Curtain Art is a brand store with the purpose of creating simple and flexible Korean curtain art. Han craftsmen are committed to creating simple and exquisite ingenious works for white-collar workers who have a certain pursuit of quality of life, and use the beauty of curtains to paint the finishing touches to the room. Han craftsman is willing to design with ingenuity, refine the production, restore the elegant and stylish Korean feelings, gentle and romantic. Nowadays, e-commerce . Customization is the future development direction of Han Craftsman. Han craftsman started Taobao, but did not stop there, willing to carry out the road of customization and romance to the end.

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