White T-shirt is shining how to wear underwear

Summer wearing a white T-shirt is very much, there are white clothes in almost every girl, but summer is hot, only one white t-shirt, wearing underwear, it will feel very embarrassing, then How to wear a white t-shirt too lingerie?


White T-shirt is too penetrated

1, meat lingerie

For people who like to wear white T-shirts, I want to don’t have the underwear. The underwear is the best choice, especially suitable for the conservative sister.

In the summer, a ultra-thin gathered meat undergarment can make the sisters of the flat chest to support the clothes, visually make your chest more bullish.

One piece of white T-shirt puts a piece of meat underwear, the closest skin color, is completely invisible, will not take your underwear, very fashionable.

2, black underwear

For those girls who want to sexy in summer, it is best to match black underwear when wearing a white T-shirt.

The feeling of tube top perspective is very sexy, white clothes are absolutely perfect for black underwear.

When wearing a white T-shirt, you can show your shoulders, or put a sexy little waist under the clothes, very fashionable and sexy. When you think the shoulders, the underwear will also make people feel that you are a sexy little demon. So in the summer wear black underwear is the most embarrassing, you like a sexy girl can have more photos!


3, white seamless underwear

Many white T-shirts are very very very and very, there is a little pattern on the underwear, plus bright colors, let people look at what is in the underwear you wear.

So when wearing a white t-shirt, you can directly match the white underwear, no trace, so that it is a flaming gold eye that you can’t see what underwear you wear.

White T-shirts are next to the white cowboy sowing squirt, direct and underwear forming a set, very fresh and nature.

What should I do if my skirt is too translucent?

The skirt is too passed, you can wear a pants similar to the color of the skirt color, which doesn’t look too obvious. Or add a layer of thin bush inside, which is not transparent. Most girls will choose to wear a safety pants inside or wear shorts with a dress colors.


If the skirt is too penetrating, it is also a good choice; wearing a colored underwear, it is also good; wearing a piece of tasty underwear, don’t wear too much, the effect will Very bad; wearing a small shallower can block the light-transmitting portion outside.

If the skirt is too transparent, you can go directly to the tailor shop to add another lining. It is best to match the color; remove the original cotton, wear a denim shorts, very personal; wear a leggings inside The color is trying to choose from and the skirt is close or the same; the penetrating pantyhose is also a good choice, which can make the skirt look very much.

For girls, summer is very easy to wear clothes. The girls who share the above share white T-shirts are too penetrated, I believe everyone is already clear, I hope to help you solve the problem of dressing.

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