Mom and Dad love corduroy and I wear it stylishly

Many people will scoff at corduroy clothing, but this season it is back on the streets.

This kind of material born with literary DNA can make you go back to the 80s in a second, in today’s retro style, how can it be called a fashion essence without a corduroy piece?

Miu Miu was originally a young woman in literature and art, choosing corduroy with thicker lines, but lined with delicate and detailed earrings, thick and thin, just in line with the image of Wen Qing who is not informal.

Balenciaga and Tibi are more relaxed, with sporty and chic designs, contrasting colors and silhouettes, which are certainly street hipster favorites.

After the 50s of the last century, corduroy began to appear in the fashion trend, corduroy no longer has age and class restrictions, whether ordinary office workers or university professors can wear corduroy, it has become an elegant fashionable commodity.

By the late 60s, corduroy had become synonymous with fashion. In the 70s, the calm color of corduroy was continued and became a popular element in the streets, mixed into informal wear, corduroy trousers and skirt shorts were most popular with fashionable people.

Chen Qiaoen

Recently, Chen Qiaoen returned to Beijing after filming abroad. She wears black sunglasses, a high ponytail, a blue sweater, a hermes white leather handbag on her shoulders, a camel corduroy striped skirt, and color-block sneakers.

Kendall Jenner

Kendou has also been bampered with corduroy trousers, this retro high-waisted Harlan pants, simply beautiful to fly, the editor seems to want the same style.

elizabeth olsen

As mentioned earlier, corduroy has its own literary temperament, retro suit suit, because it is a special material of corduroy, the texture has risen to a height.

At the same time, for incompetent stars, this suit is the most suitable for them to control, with a white shirt underneath, and the day’s look is easy.

clemence poesy

The first time you try corduroy materials, you can start with the simplest, but most classic items, such as blazers, thin corduroy materials, which can enhance the temperament of the whole person without showing old fashion.


Cuckoo this corduroy jumpsuit, full of childlike fun, but the requirements for the figure are still relatively high, at least if the slender girl can control it more perfectly, if the height is not enough, girls can try corduroy strap short skirts, which can be called age-reducing artifacts.

The corduroy strap skirt and the British score are simply a perfect match, which instantly makes the girls look very cute, and there is no problem at all in hanging out with girlfriends and dating boyfriends.

Hipster street shooting

Is this kind of jumpsuit cut with a cinched waist more suitable for me and other ordinary people to control? The thinnest part of the body is highlighted, the proportion of the body is adjusted at once, and the leg length instantly becomes two meters.

Solid color corduroy shirts do not have such high requirements for the figure, spontaneous temperament, neutral temperament bursting, at the same time, it is also versatile, with a pair of bright small leather shoes, more layered.

There are so many styles of shirt skirts, and corduroy materials are really rare! Don’t miss it, this shirt dress that combines nostalgia and warmth, autumn and winter must start.

The slim micro-flared pants are a sharp weapon to highlight the length of the legs, solve the problem of corduroy giving people a visual inflated feeling, correct the leg line, and make it more slender.

Taylor Swift

Even “mold” is in love with corduroy trousers, as the originator of small freshness, it does not follow her footsteps, in this autumn and winter, the retro will be carried out to the end.

Kristen Stewart

If you really reject corduroy clothes and want to keep up with the trend, a baseball cap made of corduroy material can help you solve this problem, compared to a variety of large-print baseball caps, solid color hanging is much more advanced.

The mini size version of the small jacket, paired with high-waisted pants, the retro chic atmosphere explodes again.

frame corduroy vest

Extranet price: US$ 245.00

Mika Mikati corduroy patch jacket

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Otto D’Ame Mandarino corduroy dress

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Tibi corduroy wrap skirt

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Jenni Kayne cropped flared corduroy pants

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MM6 corduroy cargo pants

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Hipster street shooting

Hipster street shooting

Hipster street shooting

Hipster street shooting

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