Illustration of the formula for pajama shorts

The video of making shorts can be found in my avatar dynamic video

Cartographic size:

Units in centimeters

Shorts length 44

Waist 68 Hips 92

Waist W hip H

Front film illustration:

Stack the back film on the basis of the front piece, red is the front film.

Step 1: On the basis of the front sheet, put 3cm at the side seam hip circumference and 2.5cm at the pants cuff, and draw it to the waist.

Step 2: Press W/4+2.5 province, find the waist circumference fat, raise 2.5cm, and connect the waist line.

Step 3: The warping point and the hip fat point are connected to the rung line.

Step 4: Press H/10 at the intersection of the rung line to draw the large crotch width.

Step 5: Draw an oblique line between the fat point of the buttocks and the wide point of the large crotch, divide into two equal parts according to the vertical line of the oblique line, and draw the curve of the large crotch.

If you want to increase the skirt, follow the steps in the video, thank you for your attention, goodbye.

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