Men’s niche does not bump bags! With these Ren Xianqi Du Dewei essential backpacks for going out on the street, it is enough

Men’s niche does not bump bags, it is enough to choose these models

Men who often pay attention to fashion trends,

Will pay more attention to the details of clothing matching,

Walking around the city is always a little bit of bits and pieces,

Not only can you store small things

It can also have the effect of finishing touch to the whole LOOK

However, which styles of trendy bags are popular this year?

The following recommended bag types whether it is daily work or holiday travel,

All can easily navigate the diverse street looks

Recommended (1) backpack Cote & Ciel

The Cote & Ciel brand from France has been pursuing a balance since its inception, combining fashion-forward appearance and functionality, and designing both practical and stylish, and many celebrities often carry Cote & Ciel’s backpacks on excursions.

Star of the same style! Ren Xianqi, Du Dewei’s essential backpack when he goes out on the street

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Cote & Ciel/Cote & Ciel Men’s Large Capacity Gray Backpack Polyester 98B4CACBG014

Good price: ¥ 2376

Not only does it have the dark and casual design of Rockowens

Also very good in terms of functionality

Take the popular Isar collection, for example

The front part of the backpack is equipped with pockets for valuables in the mezzanine section

The rear end has a protective compartment that can accommodate 13-inch and 15-memory laptops

Contrast with regular backpacks

Cote & Ciel is very practical in capacity

There is a large viewing space outside, and it can hold a lot of items

But the net weight is not as heavy as the big bag

The unique curved design allows the body to blend into the bag

It is comfortable to carry and labor-saving

It’s a boon for shoulder lovers

Not only as a boy choice

You can also choose to travel as a couple’s bag

Recommended (2) Small shoulder bag Porter

Small shoulder bags have been sought after by young people in recent years, and small shoulder bags are no longer nostalgic, and since returning to the fashion industry last year, they have appeared not only on major runways, but also in various street photos.

The Porter brand, created by Yoshida Corporation, was established in 1935

It can be said that it is a long-established local bag making brand in Japan

Its fine manufacturing process made the goods quickly popular

Almost every Japanese hipster has one in hand

PORTER YOSHIDA/PORTER YOSHIDA Porter Smoky men’s canvas multi-colored belt bag

Good price: ¥ 1750

Solid shirt, cargo pants, loafers and small satchels for a simple layered mix

Sweatpants with a hooded T and a flight jacket, and the embellishment of a small satchel to wear the fashion of young people nowadays

Recommended (3) Tote bag Mismo

The stylish and simple tote bag has been popular in the past two years, not only is the space easy to store, the material of nylon canvas is completely OK with any clothing, and it can show the sense of gentleman’s fashion when held casually or on the shoulder.

MISMO/MISMO Men’s Fabric/Leather Briefcase 98B4MSMBG009

Good price: ¥ 2583


It was founded in 2003 by Danish husband and wife

Iconic Mismo figure and silhouette

It will make people feel the urge to carry their bags and travel

The leather handles and handcrafted five rows of hardware interlock

It’s like awakening your DNA

Carry it on your back and travel freely between cities

All materials are made from Italian high-quality waterproof canvas

Hand-polished zippers and brass hardware Vintage are textured

In the place where daily use or life friction is most frequent

Mismo did a good job of protection

Gray sweatshirt with dark slacks

Take Mismo the moment

Your good taste starts with a Mismo

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