From the farm women to modern entrepreneurs, Cixi “cotton girl” three entrepreneurs …

From the agricultural white hand, the first bucket of gold, first transform into the modern agricultural and industrial manufacturing field, and turn around the strengthening farmers, the first Cixi fluffy manufacturing to the transformation model of the industrial chain to the chemical fiber industry, at the same time, cooperate with open cooperation The concept is to cooperate with the famous agricultural enterprises worldwide into high-end industrial chains.

As a peasant representative, she continuously elected the ninth and tenth National People’s Congress, and was also awarded the honorary title of “National Three Bad Bag”.

Today, I will take you to know the chairman of Cixi Seal Palelap Products Co., Ltd.

Rander Beach Cotton “Women”

“There are so lack of cotton, and there are so many landscaping, but more unfortunately, I want to be young, I believe that men can do things, women can also work.”

In 1989, it was a turning point of Cheng Central, and the new starting point of entrepreneurship. She resolutely resigned from the work of the village female teacher, entrusted the son who was full of years to my sister, contracted 152 acres of harbag sea coating, and the ritual cotton entrepreneurship.

Salt alkali, weeds. She rolled up two grass houses, creating a mud stove, eating all in the ground, swinging in the reeds and desert during the day; studying under the kerosene lamp, watching “China Land”, “Soil and Fertilizer”, Agricultural books such as “China Cotton” have gradually transformed from outside the foreign cotton.

After business, it is carefully managed and scientifically transformed salt base. Overcomes the difficulties in production and life. In the second year, I finally got the results of the koof cotton mu.

The miracle of the development of Cixi Beach Development, the same year


Harvesting makes Cheng Cai Zhen understand a truth: technology is the first productivity. At the same time, Cheng Caizhen has invested hundreds of thousands of yuan to purchase equipment, tractors, etc. After several technological improvements, practice learning, Cheng Caizhen makes the salt base

Cotton mu is stable in more than 100 kg

He became a large number of pigs in Cixi, and the local farmers were kindly called her for the new era.

“Cotton Girl”


Rangers and “double transformation”

In 1992, my country’s macroeconomics accelerated by the planned economy into a market economy and entered a new period of great development. The Cheng Caizhen, which is good at grabbing the opportunity, has opened a big step, opened the new mileage, double transformation of the secondary entrepreneurship. On the one hand, adjust the agricultural industry structure.

Transformation from traditional agriculture to excellent agricultural

;on the other hand,

Entering plush manufacturing

Being one of the earliest companies involved in Cixi.

In 1993, Cheng Caizhen dared to first, with the support of the relevant departments, she created the “Cixi High-Effect Agricultural Development Corporation Planting Test Site”, and put more eyes to high-yield fruit flowers, large shed vegetables. After cooperation with research institutes, native Japan’s hair beans, Netherlands, etc., in her farm roots, resulting in fruit, and has achieved good economic benefits.

The crop pesticide residue has always focused on the focus of the people, and also the key topic of Cheng Caizhen. She first is in their own agricultural base

try out


The low cost, simple method, good effect, no residual biological treatment, from the source to build the production safety of agricultural products. At the same time, she

Actively promote this technology to local people

, Enabling agricultural safety awareness and prevention technology into farmers,

Ensure that local agricultural products are safe and sold well

Subsequently, in the wave of vigorous industrial development,

Cheng Caizhen catches the new business opportunity to enter the manufacturing industry

. She saw the clothing, shoes and hats, plush toys in Shengshan clothing, and plush toys, which mainly used cotton yarns at the time, and she had a large number of cotton wrought-friendly customer resources, so she used The funds accumulated by agriculture, the establishment of industrial enterprises, using three old rounds and 50,000 yuan in cash as start-up funds,

Well started Cixi Seal Plush Products Co., Ltd.

With the capital accumulation of the industrial capital, further anti-feedback agriculture. In 2002, Cheng Caizhen founded the agricultural leading enterprise – Cixi Sacular Agricultural Development Co., Ltd., after more than two years of exploration, she also invested 2 million yuan in 2004 to establish a 176-acre facility agricultural base, hired 3 senior agriculture Technical talents, serve as technical consultants, develop organic green fruit and vegetable industries, and provide space for more than 20 planting capabilities, and increase their income.

Strong workers and farmers “big step”

Cixi is a famous plush city in the country. With the intensification of market competition, the profit margin decline, the contradiction between the employment is highlighted, and the innovation transformation is imperative.

In 2007, when many plush companies were printed down to the lower end of the industry, when the rear section extends, Cheng Cai Zhen faced the new choice for investment.


In the end, she decided to implement a differentiated strategy.

In Cixi in the Cixi peers, the fiber is extended to the end of the industrial chain to improve the added value.

. Although in October 2008, he suffered from the impact of the international financial crisis, but she firmly believed that the crisis was brewing new business opportunities, and she was defended. Finally, until October 2009, he ushered in high growth in more than two years, gaining a higher return, not only returned investment, but also made a solid foundation for new development.


Do strong industrial strength, don’t forget agriculture, Cheng Caizhen

Three entrepreneurship always accompanied by agriculture

. With the construction of Hangzhou Bay, the construction of the bridge, Cixi entered the bridge economic era, the agriculture of Hangzhou Bay Beach is accelerating to modernization and internationalization. The three entrepreneurship of Cheng Caizhen agriculture is the idea of ​​opening up cooperation, using its own talent technical advantages, is currently working with famous agricultural enterprises in the world, planning to develop beach green agricultural products and greening projects.

Entrepreneurship is accompanied by life roads, innovation in learning, transforming in innovation, developing in transformation. From traditional peasants to new farmers, from the peasant entrepreneur, from ordinary farm women grow from ordinary farm women, the Central University of National People’s Congress, the current three entrepreneurship is not the end of the new starting point, she always holds Such beliefs and pursuit, as long as life is endless, it should be found.

Source: Cixi Women’s Federation, her era




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