In the cotton era, new products, cotton fabrics, suitable for sensitive muscles

Li Qiu has passed, although the temperature during the southern area is still high, but it is already able to feel a silk cooling at night. For northern cities, I am afraid that I need to get ready to go into winter equipment, it is used to protect. In addition to the thick jacket, the close undergarment is also one of the hot clothes in winter.


But in the face of the bottom-up in the market, it is necessary to make a lot of consumers have made the choice of difficulties. So, how do you choose to underwear? You may wish to look down.

I. Look at the fabric


It is well known that the quality of the fabric determines the comfort or not of the clothing. Underwear is a close-fitting clothing, comfort is more important.

The current underwear market, the most common fabric has modal cotton, cotton and wool. Modal cotton has a soft touch, better flexibility, is one of the fabrics suitable for doing undergarment. However, for the sensitive consumer of skin, Mordal cotton uses chemical fiber processing and may have allergies. Although the wool fabric has better warmth and her skin, it is high for ordinary people.

Compared with modal cotton, the cotton fabric is more proportional, even if the sensitive muscle is also applicable. In terms of price, cotton fabrics are more demand for most consumers than woolen fabrics.

The new product underwear in the cotton era, insists on brand cotton concept, all use high content cotton, and strives to achieve skin-friendly effect. Among them, this straw cotton under underwear, which uses plant antibacterial herbal cotton to meet comfort, and has antibacterial efficacy and care for consumers.


For new generation consumers, the underwear is not a single product in the older generation, which should have a certain sense of fashion. Therefore, in addition to the fabric, the design of the undergarment needs to be careful.


Previous underwear, traces of sutures in the sleeves, necklines, and side. For those who are sensitive to skin, there will often be discomfort. The new null cotton necrhable cotton bottom underwear neckline, the cuffs and the hem have direct tailoring, no suture, like the second layer of skin. Even if you take a tight-fitting sweater, it will not show an embarrassing traces.


Furthermore, there are many underwear on the market, and the design of the sleeve is long, the neckline is small, which is prone to the outer surface of the underwear. In response to this status, the new herbal cotton underwear applied a round neck, 9-point sleeve design, and cleverly avoids the pain points worried about consumers.


3. Look at the brand

Many consumers must see the production environment of the clothing, and the underwear is more important as a close-fitting clothing. Compared to some unknown brands, the production links of well-known brands are more standardized. For example, the total cotton era has been striving for quality and excellence, not only has a complete quality management system, but also has a complete full-process detection system. In this environment, the underwear produced in this environment can reach the standard of undergarment or skin-friendly, so that people wear more peace of mind.

The above is the three tips to pick up the underwear. I believe that I can help you uncheck the difficulty, and choose to suck your underwear. In addition, the undergarment is used as a close-fitting clothing, remember to change the hand.

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