Zhengzhou decoration network to share with you two of the most popular home design styles

Zhengzhou decoration network to share with you two of the most popular home design styles

Let’s take a look at the two most popular home design style decorations shared by Zhengzhou decoration network with you! See which Nordic minimalist style decoration or American style decoration is more suitable for you, which home design style is your dish, and quickly realize it after choosing!

American style, as the name suggests, was developed and spread by the United States. As we all know, the United States is a country that advocates freedom, so its lifestyle is also free and casual, without too many cumbersome decorations and restrictions, creating a different kind of romantic leisure. At the same time, the American style also has the characteristics of light luxury and nostalgia.

As shown in the picture is the American light luxury style, this design uses violet as the main tone, purple represents romance, the sofa is a fabric sofa, the difference is that the pattern on the sofa is more fine and gorgeous, the purple wall does not look ordinary, it adds elements of the wireframe wall, there is a retro taste, the top lamp is gold, gold makes the whole home have a light luxury taste. Put a few more bouquets of roses, let the fragrance of roses fill the entire living room, come home after a tired day, sit on the comfortable sofa, enjoy this romantic wonderful time, and the tiredness of the day is gone.

The dining table is oval-shaped, compared to the round dining table, the oval dining table does not occupy too much space, and the gold hemming design and light luxury style in the lower circle reflect each other.

The color tone of the bedroom is the same as the living room, it is purple, and the bedroom also adds a bay window design, and the large window makes the indoor lighting better, and will not appear dim because the tone of the entire home is purple. The bedside table is a vintage wrought iron design. Do you like such a romantic American light luxury home?

As shown in the picture is a Nordic style home, using beige wall paint, the living room table is a simple log small table, easy to move, the sofa is a white fabric sofa, the wall behind the sofa is made of partitions, used to place photos, floor-to-ceiling windows use gray curtains, very thin, the whole living room at a glance is very simple and transparent, although things are relatively simple, but there is no desire to make people want to be full of things, the whole living room looks very comfortable.

The dining table is a small wooden dining table with simple chandeliers as lighting. Although it is simple, it does not spoil the beauty of the entire space.

The bedroom also has a floor-to-ceiling window, the wrought iron bed and fabric bedding are also very compatible, and the beige wall makes the whole bedroom look very warm. Which home design style is your dish?

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