The “Cartier” of the mosquito repellent bracelet world! Wear it, fashionable lining white, silent “mosquitoes” within 5 meters

What makes you feel the arrival of summer?

Popping ice, cicadas chirping, skirts, watermelons…

No, it’s mosquitoes!

You who deserve to be the most beautiful moment

How can I let the big bag sweep away the interest

Whether for adults or children, there is a lack of an effective and safe mosquito repellent that is convenient enough to accompany you.

Today, the welfare officer will give you Amway an outdoor good that is beautiful and versatile, safe enough for pregnant women and children to use – Repellent bracelet.

No need to plug in, no need to ignite, using pure natural plant ingredients to repel mosquitoes, just bring it on your hands or feet, you can make mosquitoes “obediently retreat”, with it, let you easily and worry-free summer~

To be honest, when I saw it for the first time, I was conquered by its outstanding shape, and I didn’t think that it was actually a mosquito repellent product, no wonder the major bloggers called crazy.

In addition to being fastened on the hand, it can also be hung on a backpack, in a car, and at the end of the bed when sleeping, repelling mosquitoes and using it as a beautiful accessory to hang.

Often worn, not only mosquitoes dare not approach, but also a faint plant fragrance, purifying the air, expelling odors, and the mood will become beautiful. Not to mention the multi-value, it is not irritating at all and safe and non-toxic, and can be worn by pregnant women and children.

Not only does the welfare officer think it is good, but the friends who have bought it say that it is easy to use, regardless of men and women, and it is also very versatile.

The summer without receiving the “red envelope” is happy, hurry up and identify the QR code to snap up!

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Natural plant essential oils + nanocotton storage fragrance

Safe and harmless, the whole family can use it with confidence

This bracelet not only has a high appearance, but also has a good mosquito repellent effect, and the mosquito repellent bracelet itself contains essential oils containing natural mosquito repellent ingredients.

When worn on the body, it emits a faint plant fragrance, making people feel like a spring breeze.

In order to achieve a better mosquito repellent effect, mosquito repellent coils are also built in the loose incense holes at both ends of the bracelet, which is also the soul of the mosquito repellent effect.

Moreover, this one uses natural nano-scale PE cotton to store incense, fully absorb essential oils, and release a more stable mosquito repellent plant aroma; The duration of mosquito repellent has also increased by 3 times.

Everyone knows that ordinary chemical mosquito repellent products not only taste bad, but also contain DEET, insecticides and other ingredients, which are harmful to the body.

Such ingredients are harmful to people with respiratory sensitivity and low immunity, especially infants and young children!

Direct contact with the skin may also cause redness and allergies, and it is highly toxic to some pets.

And this repellent bracelet is all citral, citronellol, citroyl alcohol and menthol essential oils extracted from plants, which are citrus scents that mosquitoes hate very much.

What’s more, the bracelet has undergone strict testing items from the material to the essential oil composition, which is completely harmless, and babies and pregnant mothers can also wear it with confidence.

In 34 provinces across the country, whether it is common mosquito types such as Aedes albopictus, Aedes aegypti and Anopheles mosquitoes, they can be avoided after wearing a bracelet.

360° surround protection

The effect is even better

First look at this common bracelet with a high purchase rate, the price is about 20 yuan to 200 yuan, it feels like a hotel hot spring wardrobe brand, the design is ugly and has no effect.

Looking at this review launched by Rywu this year, the effect is very outstanding.

Extracted from many plant essences, the effect of mosquito repellent can be imagined, and the whole body is three-dimensional diffuse, giving you a protective circle surrounded by 360°.

Built-in PE high-density cotton core at both ends, soaking and absorbing full of plant essential oils, releasing mosquito repellent ingredients at both ends, 14 holes of scientific fragrance, ensuring efficient mosquito repellent under safe conditions~

Each bracelet comes with three packs of replaceable cotton cores, which provide up to 180 days of peace of mind based on 8 hours of use per day~~

Make every penny you spend worth your money.

Silicone material, soft and skin-friendly, adjustable size

Magnetic fixation, crazy can not be shaken

The magnetic bracelet is fixed, and it will not feel strangled when worn on the hand, and it can easily adapt to the size of the wrist.

It can’t be shaken off, and it can be firmly fixed on the hand. The ring material is food-grade silicone, which is very soft and skin-friendly.

The workmanship is fine, and the appearance is bursting

Versatile for the whole family

Not only on the wrist, but also boys and girls who like to wear shorts or skirts in the summer can also wear it on the ankles.

The mother can also hang on the stroller, and when taking the baby out for a walk and camping in the summer, she no longer has to worry about being bitten by mosquitoes.

The repellent bracelet can be worn by both men and women, infants and young children, with soft material and full of elasticity, which will not strangle hands at all.

The heat dissipation stripe design is refreshing and non-slip, no matter how much sweating, it is not stuffy; Give you a refreshing mosquito-free summer.

There are a total of 6 colors of the bracelet, all designed according to the size of the wrist, and can also be adjusted according to the actual wrist, which is very intimate.

Black, dark blue, and rose red are large, adult unisex; Light green, beige, and orange are small models, and can be worn by children and women with slim wrists.

The group purchase price won by the welfare officer: only 88 yuan a piece!

Place an order for 6 mosquito repellent sticks to refresh in the summer.

Quantities are limited, so you can buy as soon as possible

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