Winter legs don’t worry! It is recommended to start with “coat + shoes”, wear hipster

If you want to ask who is the most commonly used in winter? I want to have a single product of “leggings” in the answer. Although many bloggers are saying the shortcomings of leggings, tone is not fun, boring, but the advantages of leggings are indeed very obvious, it is basic, the application scene is wide, whether there is a commute or daily, leggings can Hold live!


Summary, leggings are a very basic clothing single product, but it is very practical, it is indispensable for our closet. I want to put the basic items more fashionable, still need us to think about it.

So, how can we wear the leggings more fashionable this year? I suggest that you will start from the two aspects of “shoes + jacket”, wear a winter look that relaxed geT personality temperament.


First, winter wearing “leggings”, how to match shoes?

Matching method 1: same color “leggings + high heel shoes”

The leggings is a more subtle single product, that is, “its line is very smooth, it is bonding the leg line”. To enhance this sense of this line, we can use the visual extension effect of “same color matching”.

Select the same color leggings + high heel shoes, one side, the whole leg line, the high-level leg, and the other hand, the side has enhanced the conformation of the entire shape, it seems to be more daily casual.

This way is very basic, in daily wear, we can also choose the flush of the same color. That is to choose a black “upper + leggings + high heel shoes”, bring your own visual contraction, can be slim, and then cooperate with the line extension of the same color matching, and it is not a difficult thing. With a thick coat of different colors, use the color difference between the clothing inner and outer clothing, highlight the shape level, will not be too monotonous!


Match 2: leggings + loose shoes

I have just said it, the leggings are a more slim clothing, so in the match, everyone can use “comparative principle” to highlight the skin of the body and slim.


Pick with black leggings, with version loose shoes, such as sports shoes, old shoes, snow boots, etc., let the shoes and leggings have been compared, the thin effect will naturally be more good!

Of course, this is inevitable that it will look somewhat boring. At this point, everyone can choose leggings + stockings + sports shoes, using socks with printed elements to isolate sneakers and leggings. The elements of printed have increased a lot of fun, and the three single product colors are also highlighted.

Second, wear “leggings” in winter, how to match the jacket?

TIPS1: Narrow + on the upper low

If you choose a short jacket, we can use the “upper short” matching method to increase the proportion of the lower body. For example, the short down jacket wearing the picture of the picture + black leggings + black canvas shoes, cut the shape into two-stage form, and then “short short” with the color, shorten the upper body ratio, naturally you can look more In order to make a slender.


At the same time, we can also use the “upper width narrow” contrasting method to highlight the skin of the body. Just as the “down jacket + black leggings” of the blogger above, it is slime effect lever.

In this group, we have to focus on the upper body, go to select the color of the color, or design to grab the eye, and serve as a match, used to increase the fashion level of the shape.


TIP2: Outer width


If you are using long jackets as a match, we can choose a narrow way to look at the outer width. Simply put, it is to choose a relatively loose eucalyptus, such as loose coat, down jacket, lamb coat. At this time, even if it is a closed jacket, you can make the trousers of the clothes and leggings as comparison, and it is also very slim.

Because leggings are too basic, if we want to wear an excellent stylish shape, you must find a bad point in other costumes. For example, the blogger will directly select the match of the down vest + small V tower, both through the contrast of the body’s fiber slim, and increase the stylishness of the shape, look good.

TIPS3: Other Color + Foundation Color, Highlights

Less pants generally black or gray, relatively simple, if we want to highlight the hierarchy, you can choose other color coats as a match.


For example, the picture of the blogger selected a light coffee jacket + white shirt + black leggings, the color of the color is dark, but it is not much simple, the level is clear, and it has a very strong sense of gentleness.


After reading so much about leggings, I don’t know if you have the group that is right for you? If you feel that this period is helpful, don’t forget a lot of things + pay attention, we will see you next time ~

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