Soluble in three seconds, Xiaomi has a taste of self-grinding coffee unpacked, no need to go to Starbucks in the future

Speaking of Xiaomi technology, it has long become a huge department store, because it not only has its own Xiaomi mobile phones, Mi TVs, Mi notebooks and other hardware, but also a huge Xiaomi ecological chain enterprise to provide some peripheral smart products, and in Xiaomi products will provide more life-related products, I personally often start some useful things on Xiaomi products, Recently, I bought a Eagle Eagle Instant Cold Brew Coffee Powder (hereinafter referred to as Eagle Coffee Small Coffee), and I will share it by the way.

This is the packaging of eagle set small can coffee, through the transparent packaging box can directly see a lot of green small can coffee, currently in millet has a taste of eagle small can coffee only owl this taste, and in fact it also has jaguar and canary two flavors, owl is what taste, later when I brew it will talk again.

Eagle Set Small Pots of Coffee are available in three different sizes, including 7 cans, 12 cans and 24 cans.

The eagle set small can of coffee looks like a coffee cup, but it is actually very small, how big is it, or how small is it? Compare it with our usual smartphones, you can see that four small cans of coffee are lined up together to reach the length of a mobile phone, this small can does not give you a very mini, very well-behaved feeling, so it is more convenient to carry around.

This design looks more innovative than the bagged coffee we usually see, and even after drinking the coffee, I feel that I can use this small green jar as an decoration on the table, in fact, when I bought this coffee, I was attracted by its appearance at a glance.

Eagle set small can of coffee each contains 2.8g of coffee powder, it looks less than the small bag of coffee I usually drink, this is because Yingji small can coffee is not a traditional 2+1 coffee, in the eagle set small can of coffee without milk and sugar, there are no other additives, it is a simple coffee powder, and such a 2.8g small can of coffee, enough to brew 200~250ml of coffee.

After opening the packaging of coffee, you can smell a very strong coffee aroma, and its coffee powder adopts cold brew + freeze-drying process, which can restore a more authentic coffee flavor, whether it is freshness or aroma, I feel more intense than traditional bagged coffee.

In addition, unlike traditional coffee, the official claim is that Yingji small pots of coffee can be dissolved in 3 seconds, hot and cold water and even other drinks can be combined, so I tried to brew a cup of coffee with cold water first, and before that, I had not tried brewing cold coffee.

After pouring the eagle set small can of coffee into the glass, you can really see that the coffee powder is constantly melting, which is a change visible to the naked eye, very obvious, this glass cup is only about 100ml, so it only takes half of the eagle coffee powder to brew this cup of coffee.

After a little stirring, a cup of sugar-free and milk-free American coffee is brewed, fine, and the taste of the freshly ground coffee I usually drink is not much different, the taste is rich and long, but I can’t feel the obvious sourness, similar to dark chocolate, cream, nut-like flavor, this is my favorite taste. In addition, I heard that this owl flavor is the number one brand in the Yingji chain coffee shop, and this coffee bean is mainly blended and ground with single coffee beans from Colombia, Guatemala, and Indonesia, and it is no wonder that it can have such a rich taste. In addition, the two flavors of jaguar and canary that I did not buy are single beans, and the flavors of each series are different, I heard that the jaguar flavor will have some caramel flavor, and the canary will have a fruity or floral flavor.

Cold water in winter can also brew a cup of Yingji small can of coffee, so any drink, such as sparkling water, juice, coconut water, milk, chocolate drinks, soy milk, etc., as long as you want, you can brew a large cup of coffee drinks of various flavors, but I am still more traditional, I try to use cold milk to brew, the remaining half of the Yingji small can of coffee is poured into the milk, the two instantly fused together.

After a little stirring, a cup of creamy coffee is brewed, although it has the flavor of milk, you can still feel the unique taste of Yingji small can of coffee, and the aftertaste is long.

In general, through simple brewing, it allows me to easily drink a large cup of coffee at home, and it is still the taste of freshly ground American coffee, Yingji small pot coffee has no requirements for water temperature, and all kinds of drinks can also be brewed, drinking coffee has become a very simple thing. I tried this time is the owl flavor, which is mainly made of three kinds of coffee beans, the overall taste is richer, the taste is good, next time I have the opportunity to try other series of taste, well, today’s sharing about this coffee is here, we will see you in the next issue.

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