Do you think there are all female nurses in the hospital? More than seventy percent of the male nurses in this mysterious department

Wang Bin and colleagues in the department

Henan Business Daily chief reporter Wang Miaomiao, reporter Xiong Zhuotian Wang Mengwen/Photo

May 12 marks the 110th International Nurses Day. Although nurse is a profession that is often mentioned, it still has stories and voices that the outside world does not understand.

On this special day, let’s listen to the holiday wishes of the nurse’s little brother and sister, and also learn about their unique work.

Shot 1 Despite being “punched and kicked”, the nurses in this department are comparable to “mothers”

“Quick, hold him down!” A shout cut through the strangely quiet intensive care unit, and several nurses stepped forward to “subdue” a patient with onset encephalitis, and such a sudden situation has become commonplace for them.

Here, is the Intensive Care Unit of the Department of Neurology in the District of Hehe Hospital, the First Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University; Here, the condition is the command, and vital signs are everything.

“When a patient with encephalitis became ill before, he punched our nurse in the face, knocked out all his teeth, and cursed and spat.” As the head nurse of the Intensive Care Unit of the Neurology Department of the River Hospital of Zhengda First Affiliated Hospital, Wang Shuiyu understands the patient’s behavior when she became ill, but she also hopes to get the understanding of the patient’s family.

The intensive care unit is different from the general ward, where the patients are more critically ill, and from the moment they cross the door, all the nursing and eating and drinking are done by the nurses, which means that many patients’ families do not see the nurses’ contributions.

“A patient who was not very awake told her family that she had not eaten when she went out for an examination, and the family came to make a big fuss, but fortunately she inadvertently took a picture of the nurse feeding her, otherwise she really couldn’t tell.” Wang Shuiyu’s neurology department needs to examine the body and understand the patient’s various reaction abilities, so he will do some seemingly slapping movements to the patient, and as a result, the patient will “complain” to his family, saying that he was beaten…

“Really, no matter how difficult it is, even if there is no word of thanks, I just hope that the patient’s family will understand more.” Wang Shuiyu told the Henan Business Daily reporter that this is her biggest wish on Nurses’ Day.

Shot 2 A hairpin can cause a tragedy, and the nurse here has become a “detective”

“Li Mei (pseudonym), come over to take medicine.” At 10:40 a.m., Zhang Junna, the nurse in charge, pushed the cart to the door of the ward, and after a while, a woman with a beautiful face also appeared here.

Although the appearance of each patient had already been imprinted in Zhang Junna’s mind, she still double-checked the names on the woman’s wristband and the outer packaging of the medicine, and then put a few oral pills into the woman’s hands. The woman raised her head and swallowed, and Zhang Junna immediately motioned for her to open her mouth, only after confirming that she had no medicine in her hand and no medicine hidden under her teeth and tongue.

Why is a simple prescription so cumbersome and careful? There is only one reason: this is the female ward of the psychiatric ward of the Eighth People’s Hospital of Zhengzhou. Any thing and behavior that is not surprising in the outside world, such as dentures, hair pins, underwear underwires, etc., can lead to tragedy here.

34-year-old Zhang Junna has worked here for 11 years, and in addition to her colleagues, she is accompanied by patients with depression and mania. In the past 11 years, she has served countless recovered patients and suffered countless beatings and scoldings from patients.

“There was a patient who didn’t go back to the ward after eating, I found her, just called her and saw that her eyes were wrong, I didn’t have time to dodge, she slapped me in the face.” Here, it is common for patients to behave hurtfully when they are unconscious, and Zhang and her colleagues need to understand, and they have to act as family members for patients who are unable to take care of themselves.

“For example, bathing them, cutting their nails, dressing them with hygiene products when their holidays come, etc., we have to treat patients, we also have to take care of patients, we can’t let patients out of our sight, especially suicidal tendencies, not for a moment.” Over the years, Zhang Junna has had a lot of feelings, and what she hopes most is that patients and their families can have a correct understanding of mental illness and cooperate with the treatment.

Shot 3 Who says there are only female nurses in hospitals? This mysterious department has a super “boy group”

In hospitals, male nurses are rare, and male head nurses are even rarer. However, the interventional operating room of Zhengzhou Central Hospital affiliated to Zhengzhou University broke this stereotype.

“There were 21 of us, 16 male nurses.” Wearing more than 30 pounds of lead clothing and purple protective clothing, the burly body of the head nurse Wang Bin was tightly wrapped, and the sign “Beware of ionizing radiation” on the isolation door was particularly eye-catching. Behind Wang Bin is the fully enclosed interventional operating room, everything is ready, here, a delicate interventional operation is about to take place.

In the interventional operating room, there are full-time personnel on duty 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, from work to off-duty, they deal with high-value consumables, various high-precision instruments and equipment, and cooperate with the interventional operating room doctors to successfully complete interventional surgery. If a patient is in a dangerous situation, they also have to carry out rescue work such as cardiopulmonary resuscitation for the patient, and at the end of each operation, the sweat-soaked surgical gown can wring out water.

For ordinary people, the interventional operating room is often relatively unfamiliar, and most of the operations performed here are related to the blood vessels of the human body, such as cardiac interventional surgery, cerebrovascular interventional surgery, etc. Wang Bin introduced: “This has higher requirements for the professional technology, psychological quality and physical fitness of interventional surgeons. ”

In people’s impression, there are only female nurses in the hospital, what is it like to be a male nurse?

Wang Bin introduced that in the commendation meeting of nursing staff, the host often uses “nursing sisters” as the opening remarks; In the operating room and ward, patients always call them doctors, which also makes Wang Bin and his colleagues often cry and laugh, “It will take some time for everyone to accept male nurses.”

However, in Wang Bin’s view, men as nurses, to some extent, have more advantages than women, not only because they have a tall body, can undertake more energy-consuming work, but also in years of work experience, Wang Bin found that male nurses will also carefully observe patients’ emotional changes, give patients timely encouragement and comfort, and the degree of delicate thinking is not inferior to female nurses.


Secret 1: What are nurses in the intensive care unit most afraid of?

“Of course, I am most afraid of receiving a call from the department after work.” Wang Shuiyu said that every time the phone was not answered, he sweated a hand, and he first went through it in his mind for the first time: Is there something wrong with the work? Is the patient in an emergency?

Secret 2: Needles also have “Murphy’s Law”?

“It hasn’t been pierced yet, the patient took the initiative to say that his blood vessels are not good to pierce, do you say nervous or not?” Wang Shuiyu said that such situations often occur, and this will more or less create a “shadow” for nurses who have just come to work, especially young nurses.

Secret 3: How much money can you make a month?

“In our department, the average salary of everyone is more than 10,000 yuan a month.” Regarding income, Wang Bin said frankly and easily. However, behind the generous treatment is hard work. Working in lead clothes for a long time, an operation often requires standing for several hours, and the problem of lumbar disc herniation is indeed “prominent” here. Although there is the protection of lead-clad “armor”, no one can guarantee 100% protection from the damage of ionizing radiation, and some people in the department also have low white blood cells or abnormal thyroid function.

Secret 4: What are the benefits of finding a nurse?

Zhang Junna believes that there are four benefits:

First, due to professional qualities, nurses are generally gentle, caring, patient, careful and responsible.

Second, the professional skills of nurses make them able to deal well with common diseases such as headaches and brain fever at home, and small problems such as measuring blood pressure are not a problem.

Third, although the nurse’s profession is more tired and busy, it is relatively stable, and she will not travel at every turn, which is more family-oriented.

Fourth, the income is relatively stable, and there is no problem in supporting yourself.

Source: Henan Business Daily

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