Volkswagen 4WD mini-head RV with lock and 8-speed automatic transmission, interior with 2-meter U-shaped sofa bed

Long-distance travel needs a comfortable and durable RV, in the chassis selection may not be very much, familiar chassis may be so limited several, RV Europe and the United States development is more mature, then have to mention the Volkswagen chassis, today to introduce you to the small head RV from Volkswagen with four-wheel drive function.

Volkswagen 4WD miniature motorhome

The chassis is from the Volkswagen Crafter box, with four-wheel drive system (4Motion), switchable differential lock rear axle, power distribution front-wheel drive-based, with a 2.0T diesel engine with a power of 130 kW, mated to an 8-speed automatic transmission, and a fuel tank volume of 75 liters.

Volkswagen RV

Full car length: 6400 mm, width: 2080 mm, height: 2900 mm, wheelbase: 3640 mm, curb weight: 3350 kg, load: 650 kg, allowable total mass: 4000 kg, tire size 16 inches.

4WD motorhome

The box body is made of 30mm thick GRP (a kind of fiberglass) composite panel, completely insulated without cold bridge design, suitable for winter use, the vehicle is strong and durable, and the thermal insulation effect is good. Near/far reversing cameras are installed on the rear of the vehicle, and two 100Wp solar charging panels are installed on the top of the vehicle.

The interior layout is tight and reasonable, the front bathroom dry and wet separation design, the bathroom also has a trapdoor design, the same as the cockpit, the middle is the kitchen and small bar, the rear is a U-shaped sofa seat, the lower seat can be put together into a large bed, this design layout is liked by many riders.


The rear is a U-shaped sofa seat, the middle dining table can be upgraded, and the size of the shared bed is 2000x1920mm, which can meet the rest of two people. The sides of the seats are all designed with outward sliding windows, and the top is a large sunroof, which has good ventilation and light transmission effect.

U-shaped sofa bed

Come to the central kitchen area, equipped with a gas stove sink, a 5 kg gas bottle, compressor refrigerator for 75 liters of refrigeration and 18 liters of freezing, fresh water tank with 120 liters of freeze protection, waste water tank with 80 liters of freeze protection, as well as an oil heater and an 11 liter hot water boiler. The battery is 1 150Ah lithium battery.


The bathroom is designed for dry and wet separation, the toilet adopts a dry waterless toilet, the upper part is a folded wash basin, does not occupy space, and the closed toilet door is the shower space, which can be separated from the toilet to achieve dry and wet separation.


Comfortable and practical Volkswagen small head T-type RV, equipped with a four-wheel drive system can be light off-road, home appliances are fully equipped, can travel long distances and suburban vacations, the model is suitable for two people, the price of this car is 120,000 euros, about 1 million yuan.

Volkswagen RV

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