High temperature sitting for a long time is too harmful, but this “artifact” may be able to save you!

Do you count how long you have to sit in a day?

For office workers and car owners

Being sedentary for long periods of time is commonplace

The damage caused by this is self-evident

Prolonged sedentary work

The thighs and buttocks are often pressed to the point of soreness and numbness

And for car owners who get up early and leave work in the dark

It is easy to cause symptoms such as prostate, hemorrhoids, and lumbar muscle strain

Especially now in the sweltering and humid summer months

Sweating on the buttocks

If sitting in a humid and hot airtight seat for a long time

The butt and thighs will be in close contact with the cushion

Induces eczema in people with sensitive skin

Like most people

All belong to the “sedentary family”

Of course, you will choose to use a “cushion” to minimize damage

I’ve really tried a lot of seat cushions in recent years

Most of the ones on the market are filled, soft

As the weather gets hotter

The leather cushion in the car sat for a long time, stuffy and uncomfortable

And the air is not smooth

The buttocks are prone to bacterial growth

Until one day

The editor found such a one

The new designs on the market can reduce the harm of sedentary time

At the same time, it is especially suitable for the good things of the four seasons

3D breathable massage silicone seat cushion

And this essential artifact for driving

There are already many old drivers who are secretly using it

Hurry up and look down with the editor

It only takes 60 seconds

Let your hip sensation drop to 20°C

Why do you recommend this cushion?

The first reason is that it doesn’t sweat

3D three-dimensional column design, breathable, not sweaty, not damp

Speaking of this silicone seat cushion, it is not a small start

Made of medical grade silicone

The entire cushion sits ergonomically

Designed to have more than 600 3D pillars – arranged in 3D stacks

Perfectly corresponds to multiple acupuncture points on the buttocks

Air can circulate as usual when the cushion is load-bearing

Pillar clearance to achieve ventilation

On a hot summer day

Solve the problem of airtight butt

Effectively disperses 50% of stress, sedentary and not tired

This saddle takes only 60 seconds

This lowers your hip sensation to 20°C

Sweaty skin in summer wearing shorts while driving

Never stick to a leather seat again

In addition to being cool, the comfort is no less than that of a plush cushion

These little 3D pillars

It’s like hundreds of little hands massaging you


Egg drops

Experimental GIF

Take a raw egg and drop it from above onto the cushion

The cushion supports downward forces well

The eggs were unscathed

Medical grade gel material, safe and healthy

Another reason for not getting sedentary is its material

Baby pacifiers with the same silicone material

Soft and comfortable, no allergies in direct skin contact

Medical grade silicone material is safe and environmentally friendly, without any peculiar smell

Formaldehyde-free, five stars for safety and health index

Long-term use does not deform or crack

A heavyweight fart of 100kg can also withstand it

It is not a problem to use for 4-5 years

Suction cup design, strong anti-slip and safer

The bottom of this seat cushion has a “suction cup” design

Even if used by car, the seat cushion does not move

Maximum driving safety

The traditional seat cushion is not non-slip, and the consequences of hitting the brakes are unimaginable

The 3D silicone seat cushion features a suction cup design that won’t move no matter how you twist it

Ready-to-use, washable without deformation

This 3D silicone seat cushion is not complicated at all

Turn on and drop the automatic pop-up tile

Traditional seat cushions are cumbersome and laborious to clean

But the 3D silicone seat cushion is different

Rinse directly with water

Pick it up and flick it clean

Natural silicone, no odor

There are more than a million micropores per cubic centimeter

Can effectively purify the air, antibacterial ability up to 99%

Suitable for different hip shapes, it is more convenient for cars to use for both purposes

◇Office workers, it is important to make yourself more comfortable

◇ Students sit to help develop a good and correct sitting posture

◇ Pregnant women sit to help release stress

◇ The driver sits, takes care of the tail vertebrae, and does not get tired when driving

◇ Even patients with hemorrhoids can sit without pain

This summer

Get a flexible and breathable 3D seat

Say goodbye to “sedentary illness”

When you sit comfortably, you can better engage in life

Summer refuses to be sweltering, a must for driving in high temperatures

It felt like sitting in the pool and driving

It’s comfortable and cool

This is the cushion you want

There are more than 600 “hands” dragging the butt

3D three-dimensional silicone seat cushion

Soft and comfortable 丨Sedentary without getting tired

Original price: 199 yuan

The new price on the car mall

From 78 RMB

And place two orders at once

Get $20 off


136 RMB/two pieces


Editor丨Zhang Yuntong

3D breathable massage silicone seat cushion

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